Wave riding race with jet skiing! Nintendo Switch Online additional pack distribution to subscribers from Wa Blace 64

Nintendo has announced that it will distribute the jet ski race game Way Blace 64 from August 19 in the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online service for additional packs.

This is a race game released for Nintendo 64 in 1996. Ride a jet skiing running through the water and compete with your rivals for time and techniques. It is produced with the cooperation of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a real company. There are four types of machines that can be used. Choose the one that has your own technique and preference, and customize the three elements of handling, engine and grip. There are also multiple game modes, so you can enjoy playing in a variety of ways.

The article of the game magazine 64DREAM at the time was also reprinted. Various information such as the performance of each racer and machine, the capture of the course, and the tricks are posted, so why not look at those who have been playing at the time and those who are playing in the future?


The title that was announced at the beginning of the announcement of Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online was added in the previous Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2, but this work was an unreleased title.

Wa Blace 64 will be distributed from August 19, similar to Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack subscribers Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online.

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