Plateup: all devices and how they work

Create your restaurant empire using a dish behind the dish using Plateup. As you pass the game, you will open new devices that will simplify the cooking process and improve the overall image of your restaurant. Here is a complete list of all devices in Plateup and how you can use them with maximum benefit.

Equipment for cooking Plateup

stove *: hob (or stove)-one of the key elements of the kitchen with which you start. You can use it for everything you need to cook.
* Starting slab: this is the stove with which you start. You need to cook the longest.
* Hob: It works a little faster than Starter Hob.
* Safe hob: prepared as long as the hob for beginners, but does not light up.
* Dangerous slab: the fastest plate of available, as well as with the greatest likelihood of ignition.
furnace : everything you need to bake can be cooked in the oven. As you move, you can improve the oven to the microwave.
microwave : bakes everything that the oven can only in a few seconds. The disadvantage is that he has a much higher chance to catch fire.
Gas limiter *: prevents both burns and fire, so that any food burns 75% longer. The disadvantage is that all food is also prepared 25% slower.
Gas blocking : completely cooks food, but burns it 400 % faster.
counter : The place where the food is cut is kneaded and usually prepared for the feed. The counter can be turned into a freezer or a working station.
Freezer *: Place the finished dishes in the freezer and serve them the next day.
Workstation : allows you to knead or cut products twice as soon as on the table.
Preparatory station : Place pre-chopped vegetables and dough for pies at the preparatory station to free up space on the countertop. You can improve the preparatory station to a frozen preparatory station. If you do this, supplies stored at the preparatory station will be moved the next day.
Rockbrush *: Significantly accelerates the preparation of the dough.
Sharp knife *: allows you to grind three times faster than usual.

Serving equipment Plateup

plates *: The game begins with a stack of four plates. During the game, improved objects, such as eight piles of plates or self-cleaning serving boards, may fall in the game.
Stand for the tray : allows you to carry two plates at the same time. When the tray is removed, the stand also performs the counter.
Tables : Although you start with two tables, there are different tables that need to be unlocked, with different features.
* Bar table: eliminates the period of reflection for customers and accelerates the execution of orders.
* Metal table: makes the parties optional, but also makes guests more impatient.
* A simple fabric table: guests can share a meal.
* A bizarre fabric table: customers will pay 50% more to sit at a bizarre table.
* Coffee table: Technically, the coffee table is not lunch, but gives visitors a place where you can sit and wait patiently until the table opens.

Plateup cleaning devices

shells *: shells are vital for maintaining cleanliness in a restaurant and serving dishes. There are six types of sinks.
* Starting sink: This is the main shell with which you start, it is slowly cleaned.
* Shell: removed at the usual pace.
* Soaking the sink: plates can be placed in the sink, and they will slowly be cleaned.
* Electric shell: cleans twice as faster than a regular sink.
* Washbasin: Wash up to four plates at the same time.
* Dishwasher: It independently washes up to four plates at the same time.
Mops : Mops are important to maintain the cleanliness of the floors, which is important if you want your kitchen to work without failures.
* Mopy: The base mop with which you start.
* Strong mop: after cleaning, the floors remain clean longer.
* Quick mop: Washes the floors faster than the basic mop.
* Robot Swabra: Automatically washes the floors.
Boofers : Both buffers available in Plateup are cleaning the floors. The difference is that the robot buffer will be removed independently, while the floor buffer requires the players to control it.
Dry drying *: You can store up to four dirty plates at the same time. Great for you when you do not have enough space for the sink.
Cleaning brush : doubles the speed of washing dishes and floors.
bin : garbage buckets are indispensable in the kitchen. There are six Bin versions.
* Starting basket: accommodates two items before it needs to be empty.
* Basket: accommodates five items.
* Container for a compact: contains only one item, but is slowly emptied.
* Composter basket: accommodates five objects that can be burned.
* Extended basket: accommodates 10 objects.
* Valine tread : Dirty kitchen floors do not slow down the work of your staff.

Plateup automation devices

conveyor *: independently moves the plates.
Grabber : Depending on what Grabber indicates, he will take objects from where the arrows indicate, and place them where they indicate. Grabber can be improved to Smart Grabber, which will collect only certain items.
mixers : Mixers grind and knead the products on their own. Three updates are available for the mixer.
* Conveyor mixer: mixes products and moves them to the next counter.
* Mixer with heated: cooks products as they mix them.
* Fast mixer: mixes and grinds faster than a standard mixer.
Auto slab * R: When the food is placed on the counter next to the car carrier, it is automatically laid out.
Combine : If you put two products next to the unifying, they will be combined.
Portioner : automatically cuts and porters products for serving.

Devices to improve the Plateup environment

Plant *: Increases customer patience by 10% (if the client is within two cells from the plant).
Calm painting *: increases the patience of customers and the ability to think about ordering by 200%.

Bread sticks *: 20 bread sticks on the prefix table. They slow down the time of thought and patience of customers.
candlestick : works only at night. The placement of one of the four candles on the table increases patience by 20%.
Napkin : 12 napkins in the package. If you put a napkin before the client sits down, this will prevent a mess that otherwise would remain on the floor.
Flower pot *: the color of a flower placed in a pot changes an increase, and it can be used once a day.
* Yellow flowers: increase patience.
* Blue flowers: forces customers to change their orders.
* Black flowers: Clients leave without a fine.
Sharp cutlery : Eight sharp cutlery is available every day, which accelerates the time of food for customers.
reserves : Bread sticks, napkins and cutlery can be replenished twice a day.
Special menu *: encourages customers to change their orders (four times a day).
The order terminal : automates the order process, allowing you to access orders for the whole room instead of approaching each table separately and collect orders.
Special terminal : Once a day, a special terminal allows you to change the order of tables.
* Exhibition showcase : Food in plates can be placed on the window, which increases the chances that the client will order this food.

Research equipment Plateup

Cabinet of drawings *: Available at the beginning of the game. Contains one drawing after it has passed the stage of the drawing. Any drawing in the cabinet can also be used on research or copy tables.
Desktop drawings : You can replace one drawing for free once a day.
Copy table : drawings can be copied once a day if they are in the nearest closet.
Discount table *: drawings in the nearest cabinets can be overestimated and buy at a lower price once a day.
Research department *: While the drawings are in the nearest closet, they can be improved once a day.

different Plateup technique

* fire extinguisher : allows you to extinguish fires.

Coaches *: Until you walk on a dirty or wet floor, you will move faster.
Rubber boots : You are moving slower, but you are not affected by the mess.
Working boots : facilitates movement by mess, but you spread a mess when you move.
* Booking stand : Allows you to call people to your restaurant for bonus money.

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