How to get an exotic titanium Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2

From time to time, Bungie shows mercy to the guards and blesses them with a gift. This gift takes the form of an exotic helmet of titanium, an eternal warrior. What is this legendary exotic and how to buy it to the guards?

where to get a helmet of the titanium of an eternal warrior in Destiny 2

At the time of writing this article (August 19, 2022), the ZUR is located on Nessa and sells this exotic helmet of the titanium. Moreover, he sells a version with a throw of characteristics 69 and mobility 22, which is ideal for the 18th season and remakes ARC 3.0. Otherwise, it randomly falls into the inventory of Zura or falls out of exotic engrams.

The eternal warrior gives an additional shield when activating Fists of Havoc. This is a redesigned exotic from Destiny. ARC 3.0 is a breakthrough through the enemies, like a fledged train. The use of Fists of Havoc Super will clean the immediate territory, and the bonus resettlement will allow you to move to any survivors. Add the jaggernaut perk that adds another shield, and there is no power in the verse that could stop you.

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