Words were unbelievable – HSV

What he said concerning Aaron Opoku is ill-mannered.

Jonas Meffert

He does not want to provide examples, but says: The words that have fallen are extraordinary. What he said about Aaron Opoku is ill-mannered. After a brutal as well as worthless kick versus the Fabian Holland, which pushes the ground, the HSV owner had quite rightly saw red and also then evidently listened to a couple of words from Schröder. This denies the claims of stinking.

Sebastian Schonlau, nevertheless, verifies Meffte’s explanations. The captain puts beneficial that we players in the area also say things that shouldn’t be. The umpire will understand which sentences are implied.

Jonas Meffert ran out his method. Hamburg’s midfielder belongs to the type of reasonable experts. Something like this, I poisoned the ex-Kieler, I have never experienced. The referee was an outright cheek. Meffert was much less regarding the choices than the option of words. As he talked with us, it does not operate at all. That went under the belt.

final phase overshadow correct decisions

After the reputable red card versus Opoku, Schröder had totally lost the string that HSV refused to have a clear charge to Robert Glatzel after 68 mins, because the group had actually made a decision to wait a lot as well very early as well as mistakenly, as opposed to the instructions. Additionally, smooth red versus Ransford Königsdörffer was entirely exaggerated. In the focus, however, the incorrect whistles were less than the apparently incorrect words.


Jonas Meffert was out of his way. Meffert was less regarding the decisions than the option of words. After a worthless and brutal kick versus the Fabian Holland, which exists on the ground, the HSV proprietor had fairly rightly saw red and also after that evidently listened to a couple of words from Schröder. In the emphasis, nevertheless, the wrong whistles were much less than the apparently wrong words.

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