Schröder does not travel to Sweden

Schröder does not yet intend to cross out both games of the World Cup credentials. I have to treat. If I really feel excellent, I am at the beginning, said the playmaker: Otherwise to the European Champion. I will not miss it, let’s claim.

Schröder, who missed the Supercup last against Serbia (56:83) due to an ankle injury, will initially not fly with the team, instead Niels Giffy, that was missing in Hamburg, will sign up with the team for private reasons.

Schröder’s commitment to the EM general wedding rehearsal on Sunday following week in Munich versus European champion Slovenia is apparently at risk. He is a difficult young boy, he desires to play, claimed Herbert: It would certainly be the finest situation if it only took 3 or four days.

Theis out of seven and ten days

The additionally wounded Daniel Theis (knee) is not an issue for the last two games before the residence European Champion (from September 1). He is out in between 7 and also 10 days, claimed Herbert.

Schröder’s commitment to the EM general wedding rehearsal on Sunday next week in Munich against European champion Slovenia is evidently at threat. He is a difficult child, he desires to play, stated Herbert: It would certainly be the ideal scenario if it just took 3 or 4 days. I will certainly not miss it, allow’s claim.

Karim Jallow is no more component of the EM team. As the DBB announced after the Supercup final, the 27-year-old from Ratiopharm Ulm takes a trip from the team resort on Sunday.

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