Kami Hirose, the queen of the slopes, finally becomes the Vrchat Queen! ? Geddan dance formula is also combined with the formula

The other day, the representative song Romance God was used for Face Dance Video on SNS, and the queen of the slope, Kami Hirose was interested in the VRChat world.

Kami Hirose, the queen of the slopes, goes to the VRChat world! ? The trigger was the face dance of Romance God

Finally, she started her VRC in earnest. She seems to have been a big success as soon as she gets involved with the creator of the face dance video and lifted the Geddan Dance at the company booth at the event.

From August 13th to 28th, VRC shows the world’s largest VR event that can buy and sell 3D data products and real products (clothes, PCs, food and drinks, etc.) such as avatars at the venue on metaverse. Market 2022 SUMMER ** is being held. Last year, it is the world’s largest VR event that recorded more than one million visitors.

What I would like to introduce this time is one of the corporate booths. It is a booth of JVC Kenwood , which is opened in the area Paralial New York.


Kami Hirose No. 2 is finally completed

At this booth, Hirose’s avatar Kami Hirose No. 2 appears. She, who had been interested in the VRC world for a long time, reported the progress of avatar ordering on Twitter, but she was the place to show off.

YouTube has posted videos that Mr. Hirose jumps into the world of VRC for the first time, walks around the city and eats conveyor belt sushi. It is recommended because VRC fans, of course, are interested but have never done it.

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