Rollerdrome the best settings for PC

Rollerdrome pushes the players with each other, and you will undoubtedly want to rise higher in the leaders table during the game. This, however, is possible only if the best settings are used. This leadership will show you the best Rollerdrome settings for PC so that you can adapt experience to your liking and enjoy the murder with style.

rollerdrome The best settings for PC

In this section, we will consider the best PC settings for Rollerdrome. However, keep in mind that you may need to configure them differently in PlayStation.


The camera settings and images can be changed/controlled in the gameplay settings. As a rule, a decrease in the trembling of the screen and shouting of the screen can help you provide a more smooth game process. Here are the best gameplay settings for Rollerdrome.

  • Invert your eyes along the Y: No axis
  • Invert the look along the X axis: no
  • Cycle of weapons of the mouse wheel: yes
  • Autocenting camera: no
  • Camera sensitivity: 70%
  • Vibration function: yes
  • Shaking the screen: yes
  • Flash of the screen: yes


You can edit the general settings of graphics in video settings to improve video and graphics in general. Video settings include V-Sync for PCs, as well as the field settings. Below are the best video settings in Rollerdrome.

  • Graphic quality: high
  • Window mode: full-screen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Update frequency: 144 Hz
  • Vertical synchronization: no
  • Field of view: 75
  • Brightness: 90%



You can experiment with sound in sound settings; There are sliders to configure sound. These settings also have the volume parameters of the user interface and high-contrast sound. Here are the best sound settings.

  • Main volume: 70%
  • Music volume: 55%
  • Volume of sound effects: 80%
  • User interface volume: 80%
  • High-contrast sound: no


Rollerdrome also has a special capabilities menu with many parameters, most of which help to configure subtitles. Here you can change the size and contrast of subtitles. You can also disable them. Here are the best accessibility settings.

  • Vibration function: yes
  • Shaking the screen: yes
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • High-contrast subtitles: no
  • Subtit text size: 50%
  • High-contrast sound: no


Assists will help players in the game. Here you can change the speed of the game, the scale of damage, invincibility and much more. However, it should be noted that the presence of assistants will prevent the addition of any progress to the lists of leaders. Below are the best settings for help.

  • Invincibility: no
  • Warm scale: 100%
  • Endless ammunition: no
  • Infinite reflex time: no
  • Speed of play: 100%
  • No tests are required: no
  • Light shots with bullets: no

Elements of Management

You can change the settings of movement, battle and tricks in the control menu. The most pleasant thing is that you can reassign control elements for the controller, keyboard and mouse. Since the game recommends using the controller, the reassignment of the controller can be extremely useful. Here are the best control settings.


  • Acceleration: W / ls / l
  • Slow down: S / RS / R
  • Turn left: a / ls / l
  • Turn right: D / RS / R
  • Jump: gap / a / cross
  • Evasion: Left Shift/B/Circle
  • Air output: W / ls / l
  • A drop of acid: left ctrl / lb / r1
  • Pereforming the camera: the mouse scroll button / RS / R3

The battle

  • Shotgun: Cross 1/Up
  • Double pistols: 2/right d-paad
  • Grenade launcher: 3/left cross
  • Z-11: Cross 4/down
  • Reaction time: right click / lt / l2
  • Shoot: left click / rt / r2


  • Capture: f/x/square
  • Grind / Wallrade: e / y / triangle
  • Revolution: gap / rb / r1
  • Study
  • Interaction: Left click / RT / R2
  • Scale: right click / lt / l2

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