That goat comes back even more chaos! GOAT SIMULATOR 3 player repo & goat keeps sucking an interview with too much information

The masterpiece GOAT SIMULATOR , which was created in 2014 by Sweden’s Coffee STAIN STUDIOS and fell into an unprecedented goat panic, has returned for over eight years. The name is Goat Simulator 3 !

The editorial department is an indie game held in Kyoto to approach the latest power-up elements and Where did 2 go before 3 ? Hit the development team that came to Japan to the festival Bitsummit X-Roads. We will deliver the preceding version of the play report and the interview with the developer that you can experience at the venue.

…… The best!

is more free and more chaotic Goagi Life

First of all, I will immediately play Goat Simulator 3. The hero is of course a goat. Run, jump, lick what you care about licks and drags, and rings when you feel like it. This is OK for the basic operation. It’s a goat. It’s okay to lie down. Because it’s a goat.

This work where you can enjoy a free goat life at San Agora Island . With the mysterious Gote Castle in the open world, you can panic the city like 1.

You may be wondering what to do on a fairly vast map, but basically, the guidelines for play are to do the missions released from the beginning and quests that start with specific actions. It is said that the door inside the castle will be opened if the karma value is stored in the play, so it could not be released in the trial play, but what is spreading ahead?

The number of decorations will increase due to clear quests, so let’s dress up and make it a fashionable eel. There are some ornaments that have special abilities, and some skins that are not like a goat.

In this preceding experience, I tried to help the farm for the time being, look over the world on a bean tree, be kicked by people, grind electricity, and so on. 。

It seems that the bean tree grows when it squeaks, the height is unlimited (developer story). All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat. Also, it was equipped with an emotion function that could make a dance, and it was possible to make it slow motion. Good news for slow emot lovers.

The terrible point of the goat mulator can do anything to fall into the world into chaos. You can jack the car and carrice, or you can glide while blowing with a wire.

In this world, you can’t go against a goat, so it’s a good idea to make a banana in the field of view, and walk around the city while slipping on the skin.

If you notice that you are messing around the city as you think, it will be a time limit. Despite the less than 30 minutes while checking the operation, this chaos is full. ** The pre-experience session was a time when the potential of GOAT SIMULATOR 3 was glimpsed, and the site was very exciting. I’m sorry that only a small part of the game can be shown.

I will put an image of the goat lena so that everyone can experience the atmosphere of this work. Why do goats are ballet… don’t think about that. Because it’s a goat.

…… I didn’t understand where 2 went before 3.

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