How to get crows in Stumble Guys

Stumbles Guys is an alternative game Fall Guys for mobile devices. You play for characters with low physical training, which should pass various obstacles and other competitive modes to see who can be the last person or team surviving. As in Fall Guys, this is a cheerful and stupid experience for players of all ages, allowing them to collect various skins of rarities, emotions, traces and dances for their character when they play against other living players. Availability on mobile devices means that you can play, wherever you are, and try to collect some crowns!

To get crowns at Stumble Guys, you must play matches against other players and try to stay the last surviving and winner games. Each won game will add a crown to your account. You can view the total number of crown on the game Home where information about your player is displayed in upper left angle.

How to win at Stumble Guys

Each match consists of several rounds . Each round can be a race through a unique obstacle, a match for survival or other bonus mini-game. Each match will begin with the whole line of players and slowly eliminate the players since the rounds continue until one player remains. To win the game, you must successfully go through each race and survive before the timer expires or before select quantity qualifiers selected. Those few who do not finish on time are left and cannot move on.

Why do you need crows in Stumble Guys?

As you win games and collect crowns for your account, you will get to the leaders table and evaluate together with hundreds of other players around the world to see who can be the best player for everything for everything time depending on how many trophies or crowns you have. The more crowns you can get, the better. You can also become the best player in the world. Just continue to try to claim these victories!

Stumble Guys is an excellent multiplayer mobile game that you can play on the go, especially if you are already a big fan of Fall Guys. It may not be easy to assemble these crowns right away, but the more you play, the more experienced you become. You can become the best player in the shortest possible time if you continue in the same spirit and, most importantly, enjoy.

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