How to go through an original test in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

Come to me, a warrior of light. I will end that I started the mole. Despite his death in the original raid, the king’s fall in Destiny, the obsessed King Oriks returned and is ready to fight with the guards and their newly acquired forces. Nevertheless, Orix also has his own test mode, which the guards must overcome in order to get many awards.


What is an Orix test in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2?

The test of Orix requires the guards to save all 16 putrefactive bombs and blew them up simultaneously to inflict a complete damage to Orix. In other words, the combat group should kill ogrov and preserve putrefactive bombs for the fourth sequence of damage.

The guards will need to go through four cycles to prepare all 16 spheres. The struggle with Orix is complex, so patience and communication will be of great importance here. Ideally, your combat group should be confirmed by roles and positions, and they are ready for battle before joining the battle. This collision was considered one of, if not the most difficult collision in Destiny. Good luck!

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