Rumblevers: 10 strong tips for beginners

In this tips guide to Rumblevere you can find out among other things:

  • What you should consider in the initial phase of a game
  • Which stages of the claims to unlock new perks and what the individual perks
  • How to optimally use the fully charged superstar ability
  • What the attack priority system is all about

While the focus in Fortnite ranging and building covers, Rumblevers turns the spit from the US developer Iron Galaxy Studios and concentrates fully on melee . The result is a particularly action-packed Battle Royale experience for up to 40 players that differ noticeably from other genre representatives. So that you can get under the top 5 regularly, we have put together ten valuable tips for you.

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completes all tutorials in playground mode

The fighting system of the rumblevere is also much more complex than it appears at first glance. In order to familiarize you with the numerous mechanics in peace, you should first devote yourself to the playground mode. This appears in the main menu at the bottom right and gives you the opportunity to explore the entire card without stress and complete various tutorials.

In order to read the tutorial notes, you first have to visit the appropriately marked location on the map. To do this, orientate yourself to the light columns displayed on the horizon .

Important: First turn off the combat mode so that other players who also frolic in playground mode do not attack you. If the combat mode is deactivated, a white flag blows over your head . If you feel prepared, you can of course activate the combat mode at any time.

ends up in the outdoor areas of the ring and on buildings

Although rumblevers only appeared in August 2022, you already come across many experienced players who usually make short processes with beginners. So that this does not happen to you, you should initially land in the marginal areas of the ring .

There is usually less going on ** and if you come across other players, then it is usually only individuals. The risk of being involved in chaotic strikes at an early stage is therefore lower.

Also get used to landing on higher buildings at the start of the match on which are boxes . This has several advantages: On the one hand, you can stock up on your figure so early and mostly without resistance with basic power-ups. Once equipped with special moves as well as attack, endurance and life energy boosts, you have a significantly better overview from up here and can surprise enemies coming from the air.

SHIST THE SHILD to get perks quickly

Anyone who plunges into brawls in rumble-rumbles and distributes damage collects damage points that unlock useful perks when reaching certain points. How many damage points are still necessary for the unlocking of the next percony, you can see the ESC symbol next to it in the picture in the picture in the . Observing: As soon as a perk has been unlocked, the damage point counter is reset to zero.

In this way you can unlock a maximum of ten random perks within a game. You can see the damage limits to be achieved below:

  • Perk 1: from 500 damage
  • Perk 2: from 750 damage
  • Perk 3: from 1,000 damage
  • Perk 4: from 1,500 damage
  • Perk 5: from 2,000 damage
  • Perk 6: from 2,500 damage
  • Perk 7: from 3,000 damage
  • Perk 8: from 4,250 damage
  • Perk 9: from 7,000 damage
  • Perk 10: from 10,000 damage

Here is an overview of all perks known to us in Rumblevere:

Aerodynamic *: Elbows from a low height cause larger explosions.
Ballistic : leads a ballistic blow after you have succeeded.
Bombastic : The end of the hammer fist combination causes an explosion.
Flink *: Dodging costs 50 percent less perseverance.
Hasenfuß : Long jump consumes 40 percent less perseverance.
runner : This consumes 40 percent less perseverance.
Meditation *: Standing to regenerate life points slowly.
Sadist : causes damage and heals by 2 percent.
Temperament : Temporarily causes 20 percent more damage after you have damaged yourself.
Weapon Master *: Gun attacks cause 30 percent more damage.
Away with the pounds : regenerates 20 percent LP after using a protein grenade.
Windfaust : Back period when getting up creates more space.
WOOOOOO : Basic attacks and charged basic attacks build up the superstar display faster.
* Satisfaction : Each an elimination to maintain energy and healing.

keep your endurance in the eye

Regardless of whether you are running, waguing, dodging ** or climbing up a building-all of these actions consume endurance. If it is consumed, i.e. the yellow bar above your life energy bar empty, you will only be able to act again when it has charged a little.

It becomes problematic if you carry out further actions even though you have no longer any perseverance. Then your rumbleverse reaches the so-called exhausted state . If you then block attacks or suffer hits, an endurance break follows. This acts like a kind of anesthetic and means that you have no incoming attacks.

In order to regenerate perseverance at regular pace, it is sufficient if you do not carry out any special actions for a short time. Your perseverance quickly recovers when you hold the block button . Therefore, the following applies: get used to blocking in fighting even if this is not necessary. So you have stamina again faster and can often do moves that get your opponent out of the concept.

Another trick is to land either directly on an opponent or environmental objects such as vehicles, jumping springs or boxes in a large height. If you succeed, the fall does not use endurance.

If you direct your fall directly into a red-marked target circle on the ground, no perseverance is also used and a large fried chicken even comes to the reward. It consumes to regenerate lost life energy.

consumes powder boosts to match your playing style

In many boxes in rumble and in the area you will find containers with three varieties of powder . Arm powder (red) has a positive effect on your attack strength and improves it by 10 percent. Heart powder (green) lifts your maximum life energy by 100 points, while leg powder (yellow) increases maximum endurance by 10 points.

If you consume a powder type for the fifth time, the effect even doubles for this intake. Instead of 10 endurance points, for example, you will get 20. How often you have already taken which powder has already revealed the display at the bottom right of the picture. But be careful: as soon as you have consumed a total of ten times powder containers, your character refuses to take another powder.

Depending on the playing style, it therefore makes sense to concentrate on certain powder in the course of the match **. For example, if you need a lot of perseverance because you constantly avoid, run or climb, you should primarily destroy leg powder. Those who rush into fights regularly go well when they consume a lot of heart and arm powder. Ultimately, however, trying is going on.

uses bushes for ambush

Grapital City, the rumblever game world, is full of bushes. These are not only ornamental, but also serve as a hiding place. Provided a good position and suitable timing, you can attack your opponents so nasty. However, you are not completely invisible in the thick green: as soon as you have hidden yourself in a bush, trickle leaves to the ground .

Especially at the end of a round, if the circle has already shrunk heavily, you should pay more attention to this note. Unlike in Fortnite, bushes in Rumblevere cannot be destroyed **.

throw weapons on fleeing enemies

If an opponent notices that he is inferior to you, he usually runs away. If you don’t have enough perseverance to sprint after him, you can usually still catch him if you equip a weapon and throw it on it. This works especially well, when someone climbing flees .

No weapon like a chair at hand? Then grab a garbage can, tear a street sign from the anchoring or take one of the many white orange concrete bollards as a projectile. Recommendation: If you want to make sure that you always have a throwing object, you should store an arms object in one of the four inventory slots at an early stage.


familiarize yourself with the facets of the superstar mode ’

Anyone who collects around the world of Rumblevers light building fills the so-called superstar display. The same applies to every successfully carried out attack and all clash maneuvers, i.e. situations in which two opponents attack the same attack at the same time.

Once fully and activated, you can start a devastating attack in Superstar mode , in which the opponent first catapults into the air and then smashed to the ground.

While the superstar mode is active, you heal yourself, build up rapid perseverance, run faster, jump higher, cause more damage and help you get fallen team members faster. Particularly practical: If your superstar bar is full, but the superstar mode is not activated, in the event of a knockout , a kind of life insurance , here is called comeback here.

Specifically, your outstanding hero returns to the game in exchange against the complete superstar bar with around 300 life points. This is not much, but better than lying in the dusty floor with your face.

So always ensures that the superstar bar is as full as possible. Important: In 2-player mode of Rumblevers, a comeback only works if the partner has already been eliminated .

internalized the attack priority system

Each attack has a so-called attack priority in Rumbleverse. This value always plays a role when two players attack each other at the same time . The following applies: Anyone who carries out the maneuver with the higher attack priority wins. At the top of the scale of attack priorities are super attacks, closely followed by power and weapons attacks.

For example, if a power attack hits an attack executed with a weapon, the power moves wins. Exactly in the middle of the scale is the special blow, closely followed by the standard blow, the special brutal and the standard brutal. The latter has the lowest attack priority.

The scale just explained is also displayed on the left on the card screen . If high attack priorities are important to you, when learning special attacks from books, make sure that a high priority is mentioned there.

does not waste your energy on flashing opponents

If an opponent has received a spanking and is thrown to the ground, he usually begins to flash. In this case, do not attack and do not waste your perseverance because the opponent is temporarily invincible **. Only when the flashing stops and your opponent is back on the feet can you add up.

An exception is the so-called Wall Splate . What is meant is a combo stake in which an opponent is thrown against a wall with full force. If such a case occurs, the figure usually does not flash and can be maltreated with other blows. Memorial combos that cause walls and cleverly uses them.

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