Lost Ark: The best artist

In Lost Ark, the art shooter is a specialization of the canon . In this guide you can find out:

  • What the strengths and weaknesses of the art shooter are
  • Which is the best art shooter building
  • Which runes and card sets you should take

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strengths and weaknesses of the art shooter

The art shooter belongs to the category of the canon. Like the death shooter, it is equipped with three weapons : pistols, shotguns and rifles. Although her identity is like that of the male counterpart, the artifife is usually played with the rifle due to the engravings and skills used. This ensures a maximum DPS value.

The art shooter is a nimble class with a high mobility . She also has 16 different skills, which she designs far more flexible than other classes.

She pays the high damage potential of the artifully with little life points and a low armor value . It is also more difficult to master due to its high flexibility.

the identity of the artifully

Like the death shooter, the identity of the artifully switch between her three weapons is. ** Pistols offer little damage, but high mobility while the rifle has a large reach, but works very slowly.

The great advantage of changing weapons is that the cooldown also continue, if the art shooter has not chosen the corresponding gun. A clever change of weapons ensures constant availability of skills. It is not easy to master this.

art shooter-Build: How to level you right

For our art shooter building we chose the awakening high-caliber explosion ball . It is the second awareness that you unlock in Lost Ark. Until then, your Eye of the Zweilicht will choose.

You should use the following skills for the ** Effective level of the art protection.

  • From level 10: Salzus with the upgrade ignore collision
  • From level 12: balance with the upgrades exposed weakness, attack on the enemy and nerve shot
  • From level 20: Perfect shot with the upgrades stable attitude, kill confirmation and reinforced shot

Share the first two skills High damage while the third skill increases your mobility. Above all, this helps you to get ahead faster.

From level 50, the fun really starts. You have now collected 252 skill points. At level 55 you have 340 skill points and from level 60 then 404 skill points. Since you primarily harm this build , damage skills have priority for expansion to level 11 and level 12.

In addition, these upgrades and runes are needed:


pistol posture

Ability (pistol) 1. Upgrade 2. Upgrade 3. Upgrade Rune
High-caliber explosion ball (revival)

Quick step | Life absorption |


| Rage
Spiralucher | Exposed vulnerability |


| Bleeding
Salzuß | Ignore collision |


Balance | Exposed vulnerability |


Skillful shot | Agile movement | Excellent mobility |

| purification
Friedensstiftter | Excellent mobility |


scrap shot farming

Shortage shotgun Fire In the clamp Reinforced shot Special ball Orcan
Double shot In the clamp Reinforced fire Final blow Orcan
Sagitters Special ball In the clamp Breath of the guard Overwhelm
Last please

rifle posture

Perfect shot | Bleeding effect | Kill confirmation | Reinforced shot |

Focused shot | Fast destinations | Double shot | Final blow | Orcan
Goal on the ground | Fast destinations | Big magazine | Safe target |

Spiral flame |


the right rotation for the greatest damage

The right rotation is required to increase the DPS value with the artifully properly. With this class it is the maintenance of a buff and a debuff. The latter is activated by the first upgrade of the two skills Spiralucher and balance . So you start fighting with these skills.

Next you activate a buff for the art shooter with quick step . This ability always uses you when the cooldown has ended.

From now on, with the awakening high-caliber explosion ball , you canceled a lot of damage. In between you always change between the shotgun and the rifle. For a quick change of position, you use the pistol skills. Otherwise you are right with the use of the remaining skills.

the right card set for the art shooter-Build

Of course, there is also an ideal card set in Lost Ark for the art shooter. Above all, it increases the damage and the likelihood of critical hits. First you should collect the set howling rocks . Then you devote yourself to the light of redemption .

howling rocks *
* 2-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +8 percent
* 4-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +8 percent
* 6-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +9 percent
* 6-Set (12-part revival): Krit probability +7 percent
* 6-Set (30-part revival): Individual and group holy damage at the target +3.5 percent
Light of redemption *
* 2-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +10 percent
* 4-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +10 percent
* 6-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +10 percent
* 6-Set (12-part revival): Change damage type too sacred
* 6-set (18-part revival): Saints damage +7 percent
* 6-set (30-part revival): Saints damage +8 percent

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