[Interview] Now its a military hand. Tekken Pro, KDF Ulsan Lim Soo -hoon

It is true that ‘the military life of others pass quickly’. It seemed like yesterday when I announced the enlistment news, but I interviewed him again in about two years. Today’s protagonist is the youngest Tekken Pro Gamer, Guangdong Prix ‘Ulsan’ Lim Soo-hoon.

Ulsan, which has been known in earnest since 2017, has participated in many competitions, including Tekken World Tour (TWT) and African TV Tekken League (ATL). In particular, the confrontation with Bae Jae-min, called the ‘swelling war’, attracted a lot of attention by creating a scene of every game. And Ulsan, who returned after military service, was prepared to get to the top of the Tekken again.

Let’s meet the conversation with ‘Ulsan’, which was full of time and happiness that only one person can enjoy!

_ ※ The interview was held on Tuesday.

Congratulations on the world. My face looks good.

Haha, thank you. Everything in the visible world is beautiful. I want a person to change so positively.

It’s hard to express in words. Thank you for the global feelings.

Of course, I’m very satisfied. It’s not good because the military life is over, but it’s good to be able to do the tekken again. Because the game really wanted to play… I am focusing on the Tekken as soon as I enter the whole world.

When I met before enlistment, I said that I would never do Tekken in the unit. How was it actually?

There was Tekken Tag 2 in the unit. I didn’t really work with the seniors. I knew how to tekken and I felt a mutation between my peers. I didn’t have anyone who could play at my level at all, and it wasn’t fun to practice al1. Rather, I played more different games and played than Tekken.

I know that I played the Tekken every time. Do you think you did enough as much as you want?

I think it’s just a tekken enough to fill 60 hours of play time on a week. I don’t seem to have capital for more than four hours a day. As you know, the soldier’s biological rhythm is set to 10 o’clock and 6 o’clock. So I woke up early in the morning, continued to play, met my friends in the evening, and had a vacation every time.

Have you ever felt that your skills are falling every time you have tekken for a long time?

It was. On the first day of the first vacation, Claudio’s Akedia (1LK) was not blocked. Of course I have to stop it, but my hands didn’t move. I was shocked there and even worried that ‘I’m wrong now?’ Fortunately, the reaction was done from the second day. Since the Tekken has not changed much for a year and a half, it is still not 100%, but I think it is maintaining some form.

It’s impressive that the tekken has not changed significantly. In fact, the balance patch in Tekken 7 has been steadily performed, but the new release looks far away.

Yes. To help you feel well, Tekken 7 was first released in Korea as an arcade when I was in the third year of middle school. It’s still Tekken 7, even though I’ve been playing hard since then. This is one of the reasons why Tekken 7 has not received a good review recently. But in my case, I was sad for Tekken users, but it was good for professional gamers. I was able to go straight to the stage without having to adapt to the new system.

What if a new Tekken was released during the military service?

Honestly, I was convinced that the new work would not come out for a while. If a new work was released, I thought it would be the second half of the military life, and I thought there would be no big problem. Even though it’s a little late, if you start on a similar line with others, you were confident that you would quickly adapt and hit and go up. If you came out as soon as you enlisted, that would have been a problem.

In the competition, Kazumi, Bob, and Pakumram were used as their main characters. What will change in the future?

I joined the Lydia announcement and tried to do Lydia right after the whole world. This time, I played a game with other professional gamers in Elfugo, but I couldn’t win a game for Lydia. I had to continue my skill and experience since its launch, but I think it was not enough. Pakumram has become difficult to use due to the recent patch. Fortunately, Kazumi doesn’t have changed much, so I think I’ll use it all the time. Especially, the tricky Lee Ji-sun was more stable as the strong ‘bamboo window’ characters were nerfed.

I had to save a new team to work as a pro gamer after the whole world. Congratulations on joining Guangdong Prix.

yes! This time, I got a good chance and signed with Guangdong Prix. The bag is full of uniforms and all kinds of equipment. After the whole area, I found me right away. I think I’ve been more upset because I feel compensated for what I’ve been working so far. In addition, I will move the personal broadcasting platform to African TV, and I hope that fans will come to see my tekken skills.

Then I can expect 3: 3 confrontation with other professional teams.

Yes. Since 3: 3 is ‘national rules’ in the past, Guangdong Prix seems to have a three-person system. We will be able to find viewers on more stage with ‘Cherry Berry Mango-Meglim’ player.

I participated in the 2022 ATL Super Tournament Summer in a week after the whole world. I finished the return to the final runner-up, but I am curious about the testimony.

I was going to return to the offline competition, and I was more excited than tension. It’s been a long time since I was able to greet other professional gamers. In addition, I was very confident and confident in my skills as I went through the qualifiers and recorded the valuable performance of the runner-up. Since I have been resting for a long time, I will sincerely go all-in with Tekken with the idea of starting again.

I trembled my hands every time I was caught by the camera during the competition. Was it because of the excitement you said?

I do not know. I don’t get nervous at all with my head, and I don’t even go into the game… I concentrate on each set, so I think my hands are shaking without knowing when the concentration is released during the middle break. The viewers know that they are very interested, but not because of tension.

‘Ulsan’ player first-ranked competitor is ‘knee’ before enlistment and ‘knee’ after the whole world. What do you think about his move, which has been at its climax.

I think I’m going to talk like everywhere. He is a competitor, but he is grateful. The person who took the path of the domestic Tekken e-sports is obviously ‘knee’ type, and without this version, it would not have been. I also learned a lot of ‘knee’ minds. He liked pure tekken and succeeded al1. I thought it was simple, so I just needed to walk the road that my knee type wiped it. I showed you that you can succeed if you enjoy the Tekken itself and work hard.

By the way, you seemed bored these days, but I was happy to see you playing games with me for a long time. It was fun to play with the real tekken to compete with movement, psychological warfare and salty technology. But I can’t win the problem. I think it’s the best time to do so far. Apart from the gratitude, I always want to win. I would like a lot of games in the future.

What do you think about rivalry with Japan’s 01-year-old Tekken Pro Gamer Gen?

In this ATL Super Tournament, ‘Gen’ was defeated twice in the ‘knee’ brother in the finals. After all, I remember talking about ‘we are a real friend’ (laughs). In fact, ‘Gen’ is so close that he continued to stick together when he went to Japan personally. I practiced a lot together.

I think many people have a rivalry with Gen. This is because if you try to win each other as a competition, you will continue to improve your skills. You’ll know this well. We will develop in a good direction with the pride of the future of Korea-Japan’s Tekken.

As I was runner-up in the 2019 TWT Finals, I think I’m greedy for 2022 TWT Finals.

This time, the TWT operation method has changed a lot. I don’t have any opportunities for the finals, but this year I want to focus on each competition, including ATL. Personally, the name of the major tournament champions, such as the Live Major and Mix-up, looked stronger than the 2022 TWT Final Champion.

Do you have any regrets for choosing a way as Tekken Pro Gamer?

If you were a little dissatisfied, you would have thought of ‘if’. I am satisfied so that the ‘if’ itself does not come to mind. While playing your favorite game, traveling to many countries, meeting many people… And if you go and say Tekken Pro Gamer, there are many people who know you don’t have to do Tekken yourself. These things are so good that there is no regret in the future.

I talked a lot. Lastly, please tell your aspirations.

The time to do the tekken that I wanted to get crazy came back. First, I will be a long run player without forgetting that it is a professional gamer life that started because of the good tekken itself. The championship at each competition is also important, but as a pro gamer, the top priority is to win the top rank.

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