LOL: The character that Riot deleted the game for a week to surprise the community

The reality is that League of Legends have always been very improvable. Riot Games is not exactly the developer who best integrates players into their great thematic celebrations and even the new game head wants to make changes in this regard. However, it is usually said that all norms have their exception. A caveat that in this case we found in 2015, when the company greatly exceeded the expectations of the players giving the community the greatest surprise it has received so far. We refer to the stagnant water event , which even included the death of a champion.

The only champion erased in the history of League of Legends

Although later we will deepen the true reason that made the event of stagnant waters in the best for much of the League of Legends community, the truth is that reviewing the content is already easy to come up. The celebration took place in patch 5.14 and included a new map for Aram , a game mode called black market fighters, seven skins (one of them free) and two two Complete ReWorks For the main protagonists (Miss Fortune and Gangplank). We could even add a third visual and gameplay update, since Fiora received a complete change when the event reached its epilogue.


Only with what we have said so far, it should be enough to cry in a corner when comparing it with the current steel legion or the past guardians of the stars. However, what has made the event still remember is that Riot Games decided to go one step further when involving the players. From one day to another, in the League of Legends client a difficult notice was shown to believe: Gangplank is dead and has been disabled disabled from the game . As the message said, he could not be selected in any type of departure.

The League of Legends community had no idea what was happening. Reading the story of the event it was easy to know that the champion had lost a battle against Miss Fortune and had disappeared. However, nobody believed that for Lore he was eliminating forever. There were lots of complaints and the players even requested reimbursements in relation to Gangplank, having to leave Riot Games to give notice that everyone would be temporarily denied and it was best to wait a few days. The joke did not last little, since a week passed until the champion erased from the video game was found alive.

Gangplank He returned to League of Legends after seven days absent and did it with a complete reown . The outdated pirate version had been replaced by what we currently know without prior notice to the players. Riot Games had never activated the changes in the PBE so that everything was more surprising for the community and, although in recent days its resurgence was seen, the truth is that the unpublished thing about the situation caused the trick to be very effective. At that time, there were also no leaks that could ruin a historical surprise.

It is true that Riot Games had some problems for not introducing Gangplank into the test servers. However, the least positive aspects of change have been practically forgotten. In addition, the developer would make a much more serious mistake within a few days introducing the infamous patch of the colossi. Nothing with what today could not deal with the company. It is true that they cannot use the same strategy, but it is very angry to see how all the potential League of Legends has for this type of event is constantly wasted. Repeating what happened with the theme of stagnant waters is almost impossible, but with less than half would improve the events of recent years .

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