LOL: This Ekko Arcane fanart is so realistic that you will confuse it with a good cosplay

Have you ever wondered what a certain champion (of the 161) of League of Legends in real life would be like? Of course, there are several incredible cosplays that give a previous view (sometimes really perfect) of how a Riot Games character would really look, such as Lillia or Ahri, which is a family face in the community of Cosplayers from all over the world.

But An artist who specializes in 3D digital works managed to give life to Ekko, the boy who broke the time, in his version of Arcane, the winning series of multiple awards based on the immense Lore that sets Moba. To say that the result was surprising is to fall short: the artist’s work was impressive to levels of realism and details on his face especially.

A 3D EKKO model absurdly good


The artist behind Ekko’s 3D art work is Richard Reyes , resident of Vancouver, Canada. He works as Senior characters and also as a content creator, publishing many of his work on his social networks. According to him, Arcane became one of him’s favorite series, and did not spend much time for Ekko to become his favorite character.

At first glance it seems that art is definitely a photograph: in addition to being extremely faithful to the character’s look , the professional was so attentive to the details that it is even possible to see the pores of the champion’s skin:

Richard followed different steps to create the 3D model and shared different parts of the process, in which he used different programs. We were able to get an idea of how it was to form the basis of the character’s first models and also have access to the final result. He also made it clear that he would love to visit him again in the future, but that is enough for now, and he has learned a lot.

In addition to the design of the Ekko model, The artist is part of the Halo Infinite characters characters. To follow the other productions of the artist, follow him on his Instagram profile, which has almost three thousand followers. He also has a page in Artstation, a platform where creators share its productions.

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