However, it will be released on September 13 for Steam, the game Cairn: Stone Balancing that just loads stones. Purded stones in a relaxed nature

Developer Ammonite Design Studios announced on September 5 that it will release Cairn: Stone Balancing on September 13 for Steam. For iOS/Android, it is being distributed for free from August 29 for free.

Cairn: Stone Balancing is a game that loads stones. It seems to be a game that can be loaded up in a well-balanced manner with various shapes. The fantastic shallow waters facing sunlight and the river flowing through the forest are dedicated to a variety of locations that are peaceful and restored. It seems that the environmental sounds that are located in each place will be prepared, and it will bring you to your heart. The title CAIRN is an artificial stones that do not occur in nature. It is generally piled up for the top of the mountain, the purpose of indicating a specific route, and for the memorial service.

The shape of the stone is random. Use the operations such as rotation to cleverly pile up stones. If a stone that is difficult to stack comes out, it is possible to pass and change it to another st1. A system that is not too severe will allow you to continue masonry with plenty of feelings. The game mode includes a Creative Mode, which can freely load stones, and the Challenge Mode, which has time limit and conditions, will be recorded.

This work is AMMONITE DESIGN STUDIOS, which is based in the UK. Founded in 2012, the studio has released games with various ideas for Steam and iOS/Android. Above all, the cat trolling game has a certain reputation for cute visuals and pleasant gameplay that pulls a large amount of cats. In this work Cairn: Stone Balancing, the protagonist replaces the stone to the stone, but a comfortable gameplay will be inherited.

Speaking of games that face stones in Steam, Rock Life: The Rock Simulator released in July this year is a new memory (related article). The gameplay, which keeps watching the steady rocks, has a reputation for bringing a calm experience like meditation. It would be interesting to compare the same work with this work, Cairn: Stone Balancing, which stacks a variety of stones. I want to look forward to the appearance of a meditation game that faces new stones.

Cairn: Stone Balancing will be released on September 13 for PC (Steam). It is now available for Android/iOS from August 29.

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