Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: Armarouge and Cerledge, Team Star and the novelties of the new trailer

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple are about to arrive. It was a matter of time that The Pokémon Company launched more important news, and today a new trailer of about three minutes has just been released. It is not that it is one that brings us all the info we wanted to know, but it does have several key details.

Therefore, you can see the usual in this type of event: a couple of new enemies, several new Pokémon and the occasional location that we had not yet known. It is nothing from the other world, but it will be more than enough for fans of the saga to go crazy on social networks. Without further delay, let’s go to it.

Pale shows again

In addition to the first images of Route 1 of Pale, we have also accessed details about the region. And to begin with, we have a change in how the gyms issue is raised: now we will have to overcome a gym exam before we can fight with the leader.The content of these exams varies according to the gym, but in all of them you will learn more about the customs and unique elements of each locality and the type of person that each gym leader is. _, The official website tells.

We have also presented the legendary path, an area where we can get hidden spices for Damian. It seems that they would be really powerful when healing the Pokémon, so we will have to face the huge dominant Pokémon to get them.

The Team Star will be your enemy

As in each delivery, there will be a team of evil to which we will have to overcome. In this case, it will be the Team Star, and is made up of rebel students of the Academy. This is what they tell us on the official website:The Team Star is formed by the most rebellious students of the Academy and are made up of several squadrons. Each one has their own leader and their own base, which are distributed throughout Pale. These criminals are dedicated to causing problems and make it happen to the students and professors of the Academy altering tranquility and using somewhat aggressive recruitment tactics. _

We have also shown that enigmatic flying car of the previous trailer, which responds to the name of Autostart . As they tell us, this vehicle will be an added problem in the fighting against the Team Star bosses.

The new Pokémon

Send Pokémon, a new mechanics

Inherited from Pokémon Areas, Scarlet and Purple will have a new mechanics that will allow us to launch our pocket monsters at will and not only in fighting. This makes it possible to collect objects or fight freely with the Pokémon closely independently.

What is this of free fighting? Because according to the official website it is a new way of fighting that makes use of the sending Pokémon function, and that will allow the fight in real time without needing our guidelines, and all this while we collect objects, or we remain monitoring the fight from close.

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