All Amendments Rival Wings in Patche FFXIV 6.2

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMO all time. It has existed for more than 10 years thanks to its fantastic setting and storyline, friendly community and popular final content. PVP fans love FFI for a large-scale combat arena Rival Wings. In these battles, up to 48 fighters fight face to face in two teams, falcons and crows, consisting of several groups of four people. So, what are all changes in Rival Wings in Patch FFI 6.2?

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What are the changes in the PVP Rival Wings in the FFI PATCH 6.2?

These changes require Final Fantasy XIV: Calm Reborn and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward. No other extensions are required.

Campaign Hidden Gorge has become available *
The following adjustments to PVP balance. **
* The speed of movement is increased.
* The modifier of the resulting damage to the tank, the monk, samurai and the reaper changed the S-20% of up to-30%.

* The modifier of the resulting Dragoon and Ninja is changed by the S-15% of up to-30%.
* Modifier of physical damage in a second of long-distance, healer, black magician and calling man for the resulting damage was changed by S-10% to-15%.
* The Red Magician modifier to the resulting damage was changed by the S-10% to-15%.
* The DPS and near-battle DPS modifier for the resulting damage was changed by the S-20% of up to-30%.
* Physical DPS of long-range battle, a magic DPS of long-range battle and a healer modifier for the resulting damage were changed from 0% to-15%.
* The effectiveness of the Flying High status is adjusted.
* HP and Tarmacking actions were adjusted.
* HP and the actions of markets, go bans and mercenaries were adjusted.
* Adjusted HP towers and nuclei.
* The actions of steam guns are adjusted.
* The effectiveness of the HP effect was adjusted over time provided by the Tower Defense effect.
* The effect of gradual damage from magate-fields is adjusted.
* The threshold of damage necessary for obtaining mercenaries is adjusted.

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