LOL – Worlds 2022: Riot fails to learn from their mistakes and return to a goal that everyone did not like

The great competitions of League of Legends from around the world have finally completed this weekend after the surprising victory of Rogue on LEC and the overwhelming success of Cloud9 in LCS ; We even know the groups and first clashes that we can see in Worlds , since with the conclusion of the American League we could see the raffle and pairing for the international tournament.

But this time we will not talk about the teams or the confrontations that we can see, but of one of the big problems that Riot can have for the World Cups If you do not do something to avoid it. It is a problem that, although in Solo it is more or less controlled and is not so abusive, at a competitive level it remains a great point what to continue despite having balanced this statistic in the middle of the season. Indeed, we talk about the cures.

The cures are still very strong at a competitive level


The four major leagues s have had a clear name when talking about supports: Yuri. The magic cat, despite having a lousy _win rate True ambulance for their companions of the Bot lane , which are usually civil or zero. This is the support that has the most presence in the playoffs of the four major leagues, the LPL being the league in which it has appeared in the draft phase (80% presence). However, as the rounds have progressed, the teams have seen their enormous power in the competitive and chose to _base it from the first round.

That is why over the last weeks, the teams found a perfect substitute that did the same work as Yuri but without being so dependent on the ADC and with much more Poker to disturb and silence the rival: Soraya . The Western teams realized the enormous potential of the champion, being Thrombi one of the first who found the enormous power of the champion with the two most powerful shooters of the patch. This is how the big problem has been seen here: the cures are still too broken.

It is true that we talk about some games that have been played in the patch 12.15 , but if we look, but they were for good, ** with the increase in damage to their skills and the cooling of its definitive. It will be necessary to see that she makes Riot with these champions and the issue of healing, but everything indicates that we will pack the cat in these Worlds or, failing that, of the daughter of the stars.

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