The last day of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022)! CREST I went to shoot a daily official cosplayer [TGS2022]

The largest game exhibition in Japan Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022) . The public day, which started on the 17th, is the last day today.

Not only the new game trial, companions and cosplayers that color each booth are attracting attention every time.

In the CREST booth, ARIA CHRONICLE-Aria Chronicle- and Studio N9 New PROJECT TACHYON, Metallic Child, Black Witchcraft, ALTF4, Dimension Girl-Dimension Girl-Obeating titles such as Aster pace Knead **. In addition, gorgeous official cosplayers and influencers will appear on a daily basis.

On the last day, Usage Gurus (@usakosaan), Named Fukuku-san (@Poyodaifukuya), Rosemary (@risa_smash), and Amu Mew (@amu_meme) have a daily cosplayer. Don’t miss it.

◆ Aria ARIA CHRONICLE-Aria Chronicle- / Usage Gurus (@usakosaan)

◆ Regina Black Witchcraft / Made Daisuke (@Poyodaifukuya)


◆ Subspace kneaded Dimension Girl-Dimension Girl-Aster Space Knead / Amu / Me (@amu_meme)

◆ Dimension Girl-Dimension Girl-Subspace Knead / Rosemary (@risa_smash)

Shooting: Aka Yogi (@osefly)

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