Where to get tomato seeds in the Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley has many dishes that require you to make tomatoes as an ingredient to pass a quest or completing a task. Therefore, it is important to know where you can get tomato seeds in the Disney Drimelaite Valley.

With tomato seeds, you can easily grow tomatoes and purchase them to prepare various dishes that fill your energy scale, get positive effects or help you perform quests. Our guide will demonstrate how you can get tomato seeds in the Dry Disney Valley.

locations of tomato seeds in disney Dream light Valley

Tomato seeds can be obtained in the dazzle beach biome by visiting Goofy’s Stall in Disney Dream light Valley. The quest Friendship is all asks you to unlock with boom at the end of the quest, having previously cleared its exits from black.

DAZZLE BEACH BOOM can be unlocked for 3000 Dream light. Do not forget to keep it with you. Other Dream light tests may be needed.

The GUI stall needs to be improved to level 2, paying 2000-star coins Scrooge Mack after that sells tomato seeds only to you.


To improve the Sufi stall, you must first repair its stall, for which 1000-star coins are required, and then the update itself.

The use of tomato seeds is similar to planting any other seeds on plowed land. After you plowed the earth with a Royale shovel, you can plant and water tomatoes and observe how they grow and progress in real time. Tomatoes can be collected after the plant is ready.

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