Dungeon & Fighter adds a four -person raid Mechanical Revolution: Opening

Nixon updated the new content ‘Mechanical Revolution: Opening’ on the online action game Dungeon & Fighter (Dun pa).

With this update, there will be three new scenario quests that meet three dragons Guangdong Heathma, Saying Spinach and Cold Dragon NASA. The newly introduced free-rape content, ‘Mechanical Revolution: Opening’, can participate in up to 4 people. You can get it.

In addition, the webtoon was released on the official website that made it easier to understand the stories of the Mechanical Revolution: Opening and the Basal Dragon Wang Basal. The webtoon was produced by Park Sung-woo, a manga Along Legend and Cheering, and the story of the Change Alliance was formed interestingly.

At the same time, you can add ‘wide mode’ among the graphics options to play ‘Dun pa’ in the extended background. In the dungeon, the monster’s colorful patterns and various elements that were previously covered or invisible showed that you can experience more lively ‘Dun pa’. The effect appears.

Meanwhile, Nixon will hold a Saint’s Definition Event to help the character foster quickly until October 5 to commemorate the addition of new content. When you complete a specific daily and account mission, ‘Golden Berry’, ‘One-time Equipment Options Level Growth Right’, ‘One-time Equipment Options Level Transfer Right’, and ‘105LV Fixed Option Epic Equipment Box’, It provides buffer-only rewards such as proof of accessories and special equipment for the saint.

In addition, some character balancing operations such as ‘Sword Master’, ‘Dark Templar’, ‘Ranger’ (Female), etc. It provides the benefits of daily repeated rewards and cumulative rewards that can be obtained without restrictions.

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