TGS2022 interview article ranking! Overseas media interviews born from accidental encounters are ranked in

Introducing the Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) interview * in this article! A number of interviews held at tokyo game Show 2022. In this article, we will deliver the articles published in GAMESpark in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from September 15, 2022, to September 21, 2022.

TGS2022 interview article ranking

10th place Tokyo Game show 2022 incident Mini In-In Tube! I’m happy to hold real Sonic’s big fan [TGS2022]: 2 Pt.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 was held for the first time in a long time. From the title you care about to corona measures. We interviewed the visitors directly.


9th place For a team that creates new things Interview with Frame Break CEO developed by Robot Agricultural Sim Light Year Frontier [TGS2022]: 5 Pt.

Delivered an interview with Mr. Yakima Restroom, a CEO in the Swedish development studio Frame Break


8th place What is the actual image of an indie game production group that creates a huge number of titles one after another, SODAPOP COLLECTIVE, which is more than 90 production titles? [TGS2022]: 12 Pt.

SODAPOP COLLECTIVE, which releases nearly 100 games, has a different presence in the indie game world. We interviewed who they were.


7th place I went to the gamer purveyor tool Discord booth! We also deliver mini-in tubes to headquarter members [TGS2022]: 12 Pt.

One passion is aggressive and cute! If you can meet at the booth, you can shoot two shots.


6th place Mural mini-interloaded if the Julius’s Labyrinth Remake Grand Prize! INAMI ACT & STG Game Contest Local Repo [TGS2022]: 13 Pt.

Remake development is also a new interpretation era.


5th place Monster King Godzilla! ? Interview with multiplayer monster abuse WABASH [TGS2022]: 17 Pt.

The booth is 1 hole S-14!


4th place Dark Sang Action RPG TO LONG: FALLEN Dynasty Interview video release [TGS2022]: 19 Pt.

It touches on the battle system that turns the drainage system and the happy based on Chinese martial arts and the bargaining of the bargaining.


3rd place Manjusha of Solo Gets is a character with a feeling of thought and a sequel to worry about? Direct hitting interview with the creator HINYARI9 [TGS2022]: 30 Pt.

Manjusha of Molt Gets was announced the other day to transplant to a home machine. We interviewed the developer HINYARI9.



2nd place The maiden who challenges the labyrinth, Yuri’s flower blooming bond is your heart! Relationship between characters 3D dungeon RPG Witch and Lily interview [TGS2022]: 84 Pt.

Yuri+3D dungeon RPG just announced the other day. It is also worth noting how the relationship of the character that the work is emphasized will be created.


1st place I was an editor of an overseas media if I helped a person in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, so I interviewed [TGS2022]: 806 Pt.

Tokyo’s game show spilling story.


The second place is The girls who challenge the labyrinth, the bonds that bloom Yuri are in your heart! Relationship between characters 3D dungeon RPG Witch and Lily interview [TGS2022] ** Ranked in. This is an interview with the hottest Yuri RPG Witch and Lily. If you are worried about the work, check it out.

The first place is an interview that If you helped a person in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, you were an editor of an overseas media, so interviewed [TGS2022] . Aside from the encounter, the viewpoint of overseas game media to Japan is worth reading.

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