The overwhelming speed of PS5 Star Ocean 6. SHOVEL KNIGHT DIG is well balanced. Open DISCO ELYSIUM and play with play. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 355th time. It’s still restless.

Surprisingly shovel night

This week, I played a little SHOVEL KNIGHT DIG. Fighting the enemy while digging down the ground down, so to speak, Shovel Knight is a work that collaborated with Dreamworld Dig. If you do not dig and dig, you will miss the buried gem, and it is similar to regret a little. On the way, you can get and purchase various enhanced items, and when you die, you lose everything and start over from the beginning. On the other hand, a permanent upgrade element is also available, making it a so-called rogue light specification. The stage configuration can be changed randomly every time you play.

Some enemies attack while digging, while others have a slightly open area. In addition, there are many scenes where the trap breaks through with delicate operations, and the balance between the shovel night action and the freshness of the excavation play is good. The lively atmosphere with a variety of characters appears. Recommended for Shovel Night fans.
By. Tier Yamagata

The pleasant world

This week, I was playing the RPG Disco Elysium-The Final Cut, which investigates a murder case as a detective in amnesia. This work is a TRPG-style game that tolerates the width of roll play, with abundant options and enormous textbooks. The store page has countless tools for role-playing, unique skill systems, and innovative dialogue systems, but they are for TRPG-style gameplay. In this work, you can move the attorney criminal from a junky style drowning in meds and alcohol to a wide-ranging corruption play depending on the choice of skill/status and dice. In any case, the point that the hero is in Al is not shared.

In addition to the original sense, in Japanese, a huge amount of text is translated with humor, expressing the miserable middle-aged world in a pleasure. In addition to the murder of this muscle, there are plenty of play, such as blooming in drunken and stories, chasing a mysterious unidentified creature, pretending to be a psychic and challenging the mysterious case. In my case, I play as a middle-aged man whose spirit and body are poor, instead of being dexterous and good at seeing lies. If it was reopened as a helpless waste, it was classified as a criminal type with no face. It’s not wrong because you are almost dying just by being abused by your child.
By. Each Yokohama

Edge etch

The trial version of Star Ocean 6 was distributed, so I was playing on PS5. In recent works, good points and bad points tended to stand out, but the trial version itself was quite good. Anyway, the speed is amazing. Battle, search and collect are speedy. Originally it was a high-tempo series, but it is quick.

The battle is a sense of Musou closer than the 1on1 base. The search will fly around endlessly, and the material items are crisp because there is no motion to pick up. It feels like you can prepare a wide hack and fly around. HP is inherited between combat, but it can be recovered with one button, so there is a sense of speed. I was almost stressed during the trial version. Full of Trace, such as seamless systems, dynamic battles, and elaborate modeling. There are some parts that feel tradition, and it is an impression that we worked on past works as a company rather than reborn.


On the other hand, the slightly surreal cut scene is still everywhere. After all, this is likely to be liked and disliked. As the system side seems to be stable, it is likely that the story/production surface is carefully steered as the series is also a series that greatly divides the story as a series. In any case, it was a good trial version to enjoy the product version.
By. AUO Keybase

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