Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: Thanks to wonderful success, becoming an independent brand

The Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was launched in March 2022 for consoles and computer. The unusual mix of traditional Borderlands’ gameplay as well as fantasy with tabletop elements had the ability to influence numerous players and clearly surpass the objectives established by programmer Transmission Home entertainment.


As Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfork revealed throughout the annual general conference of the EMBRACE Group, which belongs to Gearbox Enjoyment, Tina’s Wonderlands will climb to an independent brand name as a result of the excellent success. Various other spin-offs are currently under development:

Gearbox software attained fantastic success last year with the intro of a brand-new franchise business, Tina’s Tina’s Wonderlands.

Wonderlands has actually exceeded every one of our target expectations in both crucial and also industrial terms, as well as I delight in to be able to tell you that, along with wonderful monetary charges, this success, which will certainly come to us in the forthcoming quarters, we have a taken care of bridgehead have developed.

We are now clearly a brand-new franchise business in our hands, and future experiences are already in advancement at Gearbox.

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