How to get a bts scope at Valorant

In the last update of the Valorant 5.04 patch, several creative sights appeared, and the BTS sight is one of them. As the name implies, the crosshair is made in the form of a logo of the popular group of boys from South Korea. BTS or Banyan Boys . To make the cross break of BTS in Valorant, you must enable both the internal and outer lines, turning off the central point.

Codes Valorant BTS

The fastest way to get the BTS sight in Valorant is to copy the sight code into one of your free profiles.

Code: 0; p; c; 8; u; ba55d3ff; h; 0; b; 1; f; 0; 0t; 8; 0l; 0v; 0g; 1; 1; 0o; 1; 0a ; 1; 0F; 0; 1t; 10; 1l; 1; 1v; 0; 1g; 1; 1o; 3; 1a; 1; 1 m; 0; 1f; 0 *


settings of the sight Valorant BTS

You can always manually configure the sight by copying the specified sight settings.

General Settings of the sight

Inner lines

External lines

BTS sight is good?

Surprisingly, the crosshair effectively destroys goals due to its small sizes and the design of the structure. Nevertheless, we recommend other popular sights, such as shrike or diamond instead.

To find out more about Valorant, read how to make a square/rectangular crosshair at Valorant. or how to make a burring sight in Valorant in Pro Game Guides.

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