Use Kakao IDC Server About 38% Recovery. Data Loss 0%

Aka services are partially disrupted by the SK C & C Pang yo data center fire, and the sequential power supply is still difficult.

Yang Hypnoses, head of Aka Er, met with reporters after meeting with Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication at SK C & C on the 16th. It is blocked and reduced, but it takes a lot of time to switch traffic.

(Out of 32,000 units), 12,000 servers have been restored, and if the power supply is made in the afternoon, additional service will be restored.

The vice president also added, The service recovery time was delayed because it was difficult to enter the fire site, he added.

Aka currently uses the top advertisement banner seat of the KakaoTalk app to inform the recovery progress in real time.

In order to restore the service, the government has been supporting the situation room since the day of the fire center fire, and according to the president’s instructions, the company is responding to the Broadcasting and Communications Disaster Response Headquarters.

Apart from Aka’s service failure, it is unlikely to lose user data.

Yang said, Aka’s data is distributed, and the system is dualized, so the possibility of data loss is 0%.

SK C & C is in a position to prepare additional countermeasures with unexpected extreme situations.

Kim Wanting, head of SK C & C Cloud Division, said, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of the people and the trouble of customers. It worked exactly.

The exact cause of the fire is being investigated by the fire authorities and the National Scientific Investigation, he said.

Meanwhile, the government has begun an investigation on the obligation to stabilize the additional telecommunication service called the Netflix Act.

Hong Jingle, head of the Network Policy Division of the Ministry of Information and Technology, said, We have asked for submission of data from yesterday in accordance with the regulations on the Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act.

Beyond the compliance of the law due to this incident, the overall system inspection on important additional communication services is expected to be promoted. In consultation with the National Assembly, the related system is expected to be supplemented.


Hong Jingle said, The government is very seriously considering this situation, and plans to actively review the information management system for important additional telecommunications business facilities and actively review the institutional technical supplementation.

In addition to the obligations of additional telecommunications services stated in Article 22 (7) of the Telecommunications Business Act, the Information and Communication Network Act and the Framework Act on Broadcasting and Telecommunications may be revised.

Lee Jong-il visited the fire site and presided over the meeting and said, We will actively review the necessary institutional and technical measures by supplementing the important additional telecommunications service and the inspection management system for related facilities.

President Soon Seok-yeol also said, In addition to the accurate cause of the cause, the installation of the Twin Data Center, the accident should be reported when the accident occurs and the measures should be prepared. Kim Eunice said in a written briefing.

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