A large number of games for Nintendo Switch will be purchased in Argentina. Unexpected side effects for national price difference

The price of the game can be quite cheap in another country, depending on the local prices and exchange rates. For this reason, for example, in Steam, users who buy the game in an unreasonably and cheaply, falsifying the place of residence, will not end. And one publisher seems to have occurred in the Nintendo Switch Nintendo E Shop. At the same time, unexpected side effects were confirmed in the publisher.

On October 13, Publisher NO More Robots representative Mike Rose introduced an episode of the Nintendo Switch version of the zoo-operating simulation game Let’s Build a Zoo. This work was developed by SPRINGBOARDED, and the PC version was released last November and received a high reputation. And on September 29 this year, it was also distributed to Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S and overseas Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5.

The Nintendo Switch version of this work will start accepting reservations on September 22, one week before the release. Then, a lot of reservations came from the first day. When Rose examined the number of reservations by country, 85%of the total was a reservation from Argentina. He immediately senses what has happened and holds his head.

It is clearly abnormal that 85%of the reservation purchase is from one country, and it is highly suspected that the price difference between the games, as described at the beginning, was abused. In other words, it is highly likely that many gamers living in countries other than Argentina have changed the Nintendo Switch region settings and accessed the Argentina Nintendo E Shop and purchased this work.

By the way, the price in the United States in the United States is $19.99 (about 2900 yen), and the price in Argentina is 224.99 pesos (about 220 yen). When converted to Japanese yen, there are more than 10 times the opening. According to ROSE, if one of the films is sold in Argentina, only more than $1 (about 147 yen) can be earned. The price setting for each country at the Nintendo E Shop is said to be the recommended value to the manufacturer, and MORE ROBOTS adopted it.

Considering that some of the reservations that abuse the price difference, if you think that you have purchased this work in your own country, the publisher will have lost its potential profits due to such an unfair act. 。 Rose did not know how to deal with it 24 hours after the start of the reservation, but did not want to change the price in Argentina. Even if it looks cheap from other countries, it will be considered that it is a proper price for gamers living in Argentina.

After all, Rose seems to have been unable to take any measures in Argentina. However, on the second day of the reservation, he will notice a strange phenomenon. It is said that Let’s Build a Zoo has risen sharply in the Nintendo e-shop sales ranking. He jumped up more than 100th place and was in the top 100th place at once.

What happened was that the effects of many reservations in Argentina were reflected in the sales ranking of the Nintendo E Shop in the United States. So ROSE noticed that the US sales ranking did not count only the number of sales in the United States, but all the North-South American countries.

As a result, this work gained a high exposure in the United States that could not be considered normally. Furthermore, it was said that the strong sales were noticed by Nintendo, and the Nintendo E Shop in Europe and Australia was also appealed in a prominent place. As a result, they gained high exposure in those areas, leading to more sales than usual.

Mike Rose has released a variety of results in the work one week after the composition launch of Let’s Build A Zoo. According to the report, the total console version increased the profit of $1 million (about 147 million yen), and the Nintendo Switch has become the highest launch of MORE ROBOTS.

Although this work has not been ignored the premise of being a popular work that has already been highly evaluated in the PC version, it may be flooded with other countries in Argentina, and its side effects are exposed to Europe and the United States. It may have led to the great success of the Nintendo Switch version.

Nevertheless, ROSE states that each platform, including Nintendo Switch, should be dealt with as soon as the specifications that can be easily changed and can be purchased at low prices in other countries. As mentioned earlier, users who abuse prices for each country have been confirmed in Steam and the like, and developers are bothering them (related articles).

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