World of Warcraft: DragonFlight – new talent trees explained

In this guide for the first part of the pre-patch from World of Warcraft: Dragon flight you can find out:

  • What the new talent trees look like
  • What has changed
  • How the talent trees work

new talent trees in the pre-patch by WoW: Dragon Flight

The detoxified talent trees, which have been involved since the Mists of Mandarin expansion, were fundamentally a good idea: out of unnecessary bonuses and the decisions are only limited to the essentials. Due to more and more revisions and changes, you have made a lot of choice. This will change with WoW: Dragon Flight now, because the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have built in big changes. **

First, the talents turn back into real talent trees. They get a completely new interface that you can admire in the screenshots below. Another innovation: there are now two talent trees ** that you have to skill with a specialization.

on the left * you can see the class talent tree, utility and other useful skills.
right * is shown in the specialization talent tree. There you will find damage skills, healing spells and more, depending on the role.

The two trees each have their own pool at talent points. You can alternately get a point in both trees per level-up. Overall, you will be able to distribute 61 points with Dragon flight , 31 in the class talent tree and 30 in the specialization talent tree.

different talents and restrictions

The individual talents are divided into three different ways:

square *: Active skills that influence your playing style
Round : Passive skills and bonuses
diamond : Selection between two different skills

These perk species are placed in different places in the talent trees and enable different builds and paths that you can take through the talent trees. In addition, the entrances to the fifth and eighth row are restricted.

To unlock the talents of the fifth row , you have to invest at least eight points in this talent tree.
For the eighth row there are even 20 points.


This prevents you from simply training down in the talent trees and taking all sorts of skills with you-that would bring nothing anyway, since the talents do not become more efficient, the deeper into the tree. So you have significantly more flexibility and do not necessarily have to take the talent with you.

In addition, you usually get everything with the talents, to be helpful in different situations . For example, as a frost death knight, you can specialize in single target damage, but also has skills that cause damage to several opponents.

Distribute ## talent points and create loadouts

As usual, you distribute the talent points with a click on the talent-for some you also invest several points. In addition, the conditions of the individual talents have become more important. Since different talents are only accessible if you have chosen previous talents connected to them, you have to think carefully about the direction in which you want to skill in the talent tree.

As soon as your skill is standing, press the button below in the middle to save your talent configuration **.

With the Pre-Patch from Dragon Flight you also get the option of saving an infinite number of loadouts of your talent trees -adieu dual talent specialization. This enables many builds that you can change in relaxation areas (capitals or inns) at no additional cost. In addition, you can even share them with your friends and tinker them together in the best specializations.

For newcomers there are also prefabricated loadouts-the starter builds . They just have to load beginners and can be gambled away. This simplifies the skill at the beginning enormously and in the course of the Dragon Flight extension you can still construct your own builds.

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