Steam Digital Bodge MOONBREAKER, the business model has changed rapidly. Eliminate billing elements in Mach

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has launched a new update Tax’s Story Update for the turn-based strategy game Moon breaker on Steam on October 28. In this update, content such as new maps is added. Furthermore, following the community feedback, the business model of this work was greatly adjusted. A radical and unusual change in a small billing system has been implemented.

MOONBREAKER is a miniature board game-style turn-based strategy game. Unknown Worlds Entertainment, which is in charge of development, is a studio that worked on Subnautica. Based on the worldview designed by SF writer BRANDON Sanderson, it is distributed as a work that allows you to experience digital miniature. As a gameplay, we will lead a unit with a unit and fight with a strategic turn system. You can use a customized unique miniature to enjoy the fight between AI or players.

This work will be distributed early on STEAM from September 30. At the beginning of the distribution, the simultaneous connectors were around 900, and more than 400 Steam user reviews were received, and at the time of the writing, 79 % of users are popular. While receiving a certain evaluation, it is a situation where problems can be pointed out. The most prominent is the voices of users who regard the small billing element in this work as a problem.

This is because MOONBREAKER is a fee distributed for 3180 yen (US $29.99 for the United States). On the other hand, this work also included a small billing element. Specifically, there was an in-game currency PULSARS, which is a paid purchase. These Pulsars were available to purchase BOOSTERS, a pack with a new unit, and to buy a ticket, a ticket that is necessary to play Cargo Run, a single play mode. Even if you did not buy it, it was also possible to obtain it once a day.

In addition, there was a mechanism that would not be necessary to purchase Pulsars for a fee. It is a currency called BLANKS obtained in PVP mode. This was a mechanism that could be obtained through PVP mode without charging, but was applied to the purchase of BOOSTERS and CONTRACTS like Pulsars. However, despite such a means of no charge, the mechanism that allows units to be purchased in the in-game currency, and the limit of the number of plays in CARGO RUN was a dissatisfaction for users. In the Steam user review post, there were some people who disagree with the business model of this work, as a paid title, but it looks like a basic play.


The behavior of the developer who received such voices was quick. First, on October 6, CARGO Run Update was completely eliminated from the game. PULSARS or BLANKS used to purchase Contracts is returned to players. Players can play Cargo Run without any limitations. And the consecutive decision of the developer did not stay there.

The developer has abolished the in-game currency itself at the next Tax’s Story Update. The above-mentioned PULSARS disappeared from the game, and the in-game store ended. Pulsars and items purchased by it will be refunded for Steam wallet. In addition, BLANKS has been eliminated, and another in-game currency called Merits, which existed before, was changed to Sparks. The functions of various in-game currency will be integrated here.

In addition, the above-mentioned BOOSTERS, which purchases a unit enclosed pack, has been abolished. Players can now use all units immediately. Rather than relieving a small amount of billing elements, the trace has disappeared. As a change in the business model of service-type games, it is a rare steering. The developer explains the Pulsars purchase and suspension of use as During Early Access (during the early access distribution period), leaving the possibility that the system will reappear in the future. Nevertheless, it is currently determined that the users should first take the opinions of users.

Also, in the Reddit community, there are several opinions that all units can be released comfortably without charging. Aside from the restrictions on CARGO RUN, it is probable that this work did not use the sales of a small amount of billing due to booster purchases as a business axis. And because this work is about one month since the start of early access distribution, it would have been possible to change the policy quickly. The developer of this work will continue to receive feedback and reflect it in the development of MOONBREAKER. The players will keep an eye on how the developer who performed such adventures will create and operate this work in the future.

MOONBREAKER is being distributed early for PC (Steam). The price is 3180 yen. For this work, the additional bundle’s Founder’s Pack is being distributed for 2680 yen. This was once accompanied by Pulsars and Blanks, but this change has only cosmetic items such as skin and paint.

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