14th century CO-OP action horror RPG BLIGHT: SURVIVAL game play video! The tension battle scene and the vast field will be unveiled

Developer Hair Studio has released a game play trailer for the cooperative horror action RPG Blight: Survival .

This work is a horror action RPG set in the 14th century medieval, which supports solo or online multiplayer for up to four players. While fighting humans and monsters in a devastated place by war, he goes on an adventure with his friends to destroy Blight that swallows everything. Players select and customize their own play style from abundant weapons and armor, and explore vast maps.


The published trailer starts in about 5 minutes in the cut scene. Notable is the desolate world and the surrounding environment drawn with beautiful graphics, the intense battle scenes where you can see the real behavior, the movement and movement of the dead body. In the battle, it seems that you can avoid the attacking monsters, avoid them, fight back with a sword, or tackle the enemy to defeat them. There are also situations where you can squat down so that you can not find it in an area where there are many enemies, or sometimes decide on sneak kills from behind. You can also see some ways to encounter other players and break up a new area in cooperation. We look forward to further information in the future.

The 14th-century medieval stage cooperative horror action RPG BLIGHT: Survival will appear soon for PC (Steam).

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