LOL: The champion who will win a new skin after 1000 days without a new look

Many League of Legends champions no longer receive love from Riot Games in the form of new skins for some time. For a long time, the most notorious case is that of Clean, who not only spent more than 1000 days without receiving a new look, but has also been without a real adjustment in his skill kit. Who also left the list of 1000 days without skins was Tarim, which was a long time without a new look, but this November won the skin packs in space.

In this look, the Valor an shield is protected by two kittens and its appearance is marked by the colors white, pink and purple, which often appear in other skins as well. Prior to that, the last shimmering Tarim skin has been released in season 8 and currently costs 1,350 RP.

The new Skins of the Embalm in the Space line are scheduled to reach the League of Legends on November 16 with the arrival of Patch 12.22 on the official MOB server-according to the official update calendar. Visuals are available for BE test on November 2.

Oran also wins new skin

Who also won a new skin after a long time was Oran, which after 700 days without new visuals, will also star in a package version in space. In this way he has left the top of the champions list for a long time without receiving new visuals for Nocturn, Aurelio Sol, Singed, Vern, among others.

Remember that Dr. World and UDR, for example, have also been over 1000 days without new skins. However, there is a valid reason behind it: both have received completely complete reworks and had their skins updated, which makes them and new.

In this way, Riot sees no reason to create new visuals for them in the near future, because, among quotes, several new skins for them has come.

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