Genshin Impact through the Night Missions Guide before dawn

With the launch of the Genshin Impact Update 3.2, Hoover added a lot of new world missions. One of those missions, in particular, is Through The Predawn Night, which comes after the secondary mission of additional observation. The mission is the first part of the history of East Arc hon Quest Chapter III: Act V-Akasha Pulses, Kappa Flame Rises, which rewards players with valuable resources such as firstborn and Morey. That said, we will show you how to complete the mission through the night before dawn in Genshin Impact .

How to complete overnight before dawn in Genshin Impact

Here is the complete set of instructions to complete the Through the Predawn Night mission:

Wait until the next day after activating the mission.

Once you activate the mission, the game will ask you to wait until the next day. As always, players can immediately omit the waiting time using the Prison menu clock.

Navigate to the marked location and talk to Candace.

Use the teleport route point closest to AAU Village to travel quickly to your destination.

Visit the chief’s house.

The next step is to visit the main house to meet everyone.

Red with al-Haytham and go to the base admit.

al-Haytham is an exclusive NPC of missions, which can be found in the Summer region.

See Caravan Rabat and talk to CNO.


Caravan Rabat is a subsection located in Shaman Realm, Dharma Forest, Summer. Go to the location and talk to CNO to continue.

Talk to the soldiers parked in Caravan Rabat and advances time.

After a brief scene, you will be asked to wait for the next two days you can omit using the watch menu in Prison.

Go to the marked location and help CNO arrest the eremites.

The final step is to defeat all enemies in 300 seconds and help CNO arrest the eremites.

Through World Predawn Night Quest rewards

When completing the mission through the night before dawn, you will get the following rewards for your efforts:

  • X5 Firstborn
  • 775 XP of adventure
  • 31,175 Moral
  • 3 hero ingenuity
  • 5 Mystical Improvement Minerals

That is all you need to know about completing the mission of the world through the night before dawn in Genshin Impact . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other GENGHIS IMPACT-CONTENTIO RELATED HERE IN DLPRIVATOSERVER, which includes a summary of all Scarab locations, all banners of version 3.2, as well as a complete guide of the Golden Slumber mission.

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