Mass Effect: The 5 best novels in the trilogy

The Mass Effect franchise has one of the most famous mechanics, the possibility of having novels with your teammates. Despite restricted options in the first game, the fan opened well throughout the trilogy.

In this guide, we will show a list of five best novels for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect. Some relationships are exclusive to Shepard Man or Shepard Woman and others are possible for both.

Naturally, we will have spoilers below about outcomes of some characters!

Lara t’soni-mass effect 1 and mass effect 3

Shepard of any genre

Smart Lara T’Son is rescued by Shepard in one of the first missions of ME 1. Atari quickly became one of the characters most worshiped by fans in the series. Especially for those who played with male Shepard, as Ashley (the other only romance option) was not there from the most pleasant companies.

Despite this, Lara can also engage romance with female sex Shepard. The relationship is practically the same with both, but the advantage of the male Shepard In this case is the rivalry that is created between Lara and Ashley .

Lara is present in Mass Effect 2 just as an informant (not as a member of Shepard’s team). But at DLC Lair of the Shadow oker (content that comes automatically in Mass Effect Legendary Edition), Lara becomes a temporary Squad mate .

During the DLC missions, if Shepard is already in a relationship with a character from Me 2 , Lara will know and comment on the Pulled de Fume of the commander. At the end of Lair of the Shadow oker, you can call Lara to visit Normandy and continue dating or end. Even if the relationship with her continues, it will still be possible to date some other Mass Effect 2 Squad mate.

In Mass Effect 3, Lara is recruited again at the beginning, being part of the entire journey. Thus, The romance between her and Shepard is one of the most developed and with the longest living time throughout the three games. It is noteworthy that the romance with Lara only yields the paramour trophy on ME 1 and Me3 . If you want the conquest on ME 2, you will have to betray Atari.

The negative point of Lara is that she almost does not confront Shepard. Of course Mass Effect was not created to have wild novels or something elaborate to the extreme, but Lara abuses some idolatry by Shepard. Interestingly, she demonstrates a little more personality if she is not dating Shepard .

You can date Lara on Mass Effect 3 even if you didn’t have a romance with her in 1.

Tali’zorah-Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3

only male Shepard

Although Tali’Torah being present in Mass Effect 1, it is only a romance option in the 2. The only way to dating Tali on ME 3 is continuing the relationship of 2 . It is not possible to start a romance with it directly on 3 (unlike Lara) and it is only available for Shepard Male .

The romance with Tali’Torah is a little frustrating because of the (little) time we spent with her. While in ME 1 she is a start squad mate to the end, in the next two games she only joins the team in the middle to the end of the main journey.

In Mass Effect 2, Tali arrives at a time when Shepard probably already dragged the Asia over jack or Miranda . Aquarian makes it clear that it does not accept to divide the commander (no seatmate accepts even). So if you are already Locked-in with someone else, you will have to finish first and then date Tali.

Tali’s great differential is because of the health of the guardians . Even risking taking a serious infection, she decides to take her mask to have the relationship with Shepard just before the final mission of ME 2. When talking to her later, Aquarian reveals that she had a fever, but nothing much.

Tali’Torah joins Normandy in the middle to the end of Mass Effect 3. This time, the romance can be resumed immediately when it arrives at the ship . This is because it can die soon, if Shepard chooses the Get or does not get peace between the machines and the Tali race.

Another differential of Tali is the photo Shepard has her in the Mass Effect 3 , if they had a romance on ME 2. In the original 3, the photograph in Shepard’s room was a Pinterest image image Where Iowa applied some filters to look like a Aquarian without the helmet.

A lot of people complained about the laziness of wearing a real photo and also Tali’s madness being without a mask or outdoor protection clothes . The hesitation was corrected at Legendary Edition and a art was made with Tali only without a mask and with its own face, but still with protective costume.

Harris Vakarian-Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3


only female Shepard

Harris is the most present character in the Mass Effect trilogy. He is always one of the first to enter Shepard’s team in the first three games. The romance is exclusive to Shepard woman , but romance telecom Shepard man is one of the best in the world of games.

Even romance with male Shepard is so strong that it is even strange Dating Turin if you play with women after several players with Shepard man. Anyway, Harris Bavarian is the best developed character of Mass Effect.

The only hesitation is we can’t date with him at mass effect 1 . If not, would be the most perfect novel in the trilogy , precisely by this great period of coexistence and stories. Shepard and Harris are large confidants and have always been on side by side during the trilogy.

The romance and the character are so well constructed that they give or a great friendship with both Shepard, or a friendship + dating with female Shepard. By the way, I’m glad there is Harris for Shepard Woman , because the other options are very disastrous if you want to make a straight Shepard (because show Thane dies on me 3 and show Jacob appears with a pregnant girlfriend).

Miranda Lawson-Mam Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3

only male Shepard

When you think of male Shepard romance in Mass Effect 2, Miranda Lawson is usually the first name that comes to the players’ heads. The in charge of resurrect Shepard with Lazarus Project has the most famous sex scene in the franchise.

Despite this scene, the appealing look and the beauty inherited from the actress Yvonne Swarovski (Chuck, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc.) that gave Miranda voice and face, her romance with Shepard is one of the best Mass Effect.

Remember that we say that Lara is a very Shepard idolatry (other characters also do the same)? Well, Miranda is just the opposite. Cerberus’s employee is always very cold and direct in the first interactions with the commander.

After some missions, Miranda finally begins to talk about insecurities due to a number of problems with her father. Only after fulfilling her loyalty mission did Lawson begin to trust more in Shepard and the opportunity to engage a novel appears.

That is, the romance is well-built in the sense that Shepard had to conquer the trust and the of Miranda before. She did not fall in love out of nowhere (like other novels). The problem is the lack of continuity in Mass Effect 3.

Miranda is not a Squad mate at any time in Mass Effect 3. You will have only 4 meetings with her in the game. In the first, she will say she dropped Cerberus and is out of office, as is Shepard. The second neither face-to-face is. The third is cool and the romance can be continued (but it is one scene) . And the fourth she appears on a main mission (and can die , including).

If it survives, you can make a video call on the final mission to say goodbye. That is, despite releasing the Paramour trophy in 2 and 3, the romance in fact with Miranda only happens in 2 . The dating of the 3 is official, and you can not flirt with anyone else, but it is very disappointing because it is almost 100% at a distance .

However, the romance with Miranda Lawson on Mass Effect 2 is so good that it deserves a top 5 of the series. Show because me 2 is the best game in the franchise (and for much).

Survivor of Virire-Mam Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3

Ashley Williams-Appeals Shepard Male

Aidan Alenko-Apenas Shepard Female in 1; both Shepard on 3

Although they are on the top 5, their romance is more disappointing than interesting. Much of the disappointment is for High expectation , as Ashley and Aidan were to be the most important characters after Shepard. But the reality is that many aliens are cooler than both.

Ashley has a strong personality , which is pretty cool, but its head is too exaggerated. The alliance soldier is still extremely racist with the aliens and makes it a matter of saying this every second .

Already Aidan is a good guy square, but there is a charisma of a straight and unlimited door. The character does not develop. It seems that Iowa imagined that most players would choose to play with Shepard Man (even the cover of the game) and consequently let Aidan die in Virile. So why develop a character who will die soon, isn’t it?

The error was corrected in mass Effect 3 , where Aidan also relates to male Shepard . So even without the 1 romance, you have a reason to leave Aidan alive in Virile. He remains a character without charisma , but the story of being with Shepard from the beginning guarantees a shared top 5 (because individually it is the romance with Ash).

Ashley Williams is easily the most annoying character of the franchise. It seems that she is always determined to speak or do something different from what Shepard thinks. No Me 1 is racism with the aliens. In ME 3 is the Shepard litany worked with Cerberus on ME 2. She talks about it all the time!

It’s okay that Aidan Aleppo also does this in 3, it’s a standard Plot of Virile’s survivor to have this disbelief in Shepard. But the difference is that the behavior is 100% the face of Ash . When you leave Aidan alive, and he plays this role, it looks like it’s the Ashley disguised as Aidan talking (because, as we said, he has a charisma of a door).

So after this whole saga, if you still feel something for her: I feel inform you that you are in love! And that’s the grace in Shepard’s novel with Ash (and Ash on Aidan).

It is the most foot on the ground novel with many problems, suspicions and where several actions that were taken during the trilogy influence . In a mission, if Virile’s survivor does not believe in Shepard (because of the actions throughout the trilogy), you will have to kill you (or a Squad mate will kill).

What is your favorite novel from the Mass Effect trilogy? Show or prefers any of Andromeda?!?!

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