Meet the dubbing actors of the cast of War Ragnarok

It could be said that it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, God of War Ragnarök is the continuation of Sony and Santa Monica Studios of the award-winning adventure full of action of 2018, acclaimed by critics. As is the case with many AAA titles these days, the game is full of acting talent. Next, we will present the many voice actors of the cast of War Ragnarök . So, without further delay, let’s start, okay?

All voice actors and cast of God of War Ragnarök

Cristóbal Judge-Kratos

Image Source: IMDB

Christopher Judge is a consummated actor with many film and television credits in his name ranging from Stargate SG-1 to Dead Space: Aftermath to Sharked 3: Oh Hell no! Of course, he is also known for putting on the shoes of Terrence C. Carson as the serious tones of the voice of Rates in the restart of God of War of 2018.

Ryan Hurst-Thor

Image Source: IMDB

If you are a fan of the criminal drama about Sons of Anarchy motorcycles, Ryan Hurst is likely to be a fairly familiar face when he plays Pie Winston in the program. On the other hand, the Californian actor has played papers at We Were Soldiers, Taken, The Walking Dead and Bates Hotel.

Danielle Bisutti-Freya

Image Source: Getty Images

Having been nominated for a BAFTA for her interpretation of the Nordic goddess in God of War of 2018, the American actress has quickly become synonymous with the God of War franchise. Outside this role, it is known for its acting skills and has appeared in horror films such as Curse of Chucky and Insidious: Chapter 2.

Richard Shiff-Odin

Image Source: Getty Images

Winner of the Emmy Award for his role in The West Wing, Richard Shift is an American actor and director who has appeared in dozens of movies, including Seven, Deep Impact, Man of Steel and Geostorm. He also played a main role in the hospital drama of ABC The Good Doctor.

Sunny Suljic-Atreo

Image Source: Getty Images

Sunny Music returns to the God of War franchise as Rates’ son. Not only is he a renowned children’s actor, but he is also a consummated skater, who has played papers in films such as the Clock House on his walls and Christmas Chronicles 2.

Daniel Kountz-Byggvir

Image Source: Sampling Media

Daniel Koontz originally made a name in the 2001 Disney movie Halloween town II: Malabar’s Revenge, where he played Malabar’s son, KAL. In other places, he has done voice work for other video games, including the Noise of 2011 and Lost Planet of 2013.

Usman Ally-Durlin

Image Source: Lewis and Clark

A veteran in film, television, theater and video games, Usman Ally is the winner of the Oboe award for his role in his invisible hand. The star born in Eswatini has also played roles in Uncharted and Avengers video games, and has appeared in numerous television programs such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Suits and 68 Whiskey.

Lay Deleon Hayes-Angrboda

Image Source: Getty Images

Lay Deleon Hayes is an actress and singer born in North Carolina who is famous for her role in the Animated Children’s program Doc McMuffins, as well as her roles at Gray’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire and Cougar Town. According to his Biography of IMDB, he loves acting, skating and going to the beach.

Adam J. Harrington-Sindri

Image Source: IMDB

Adam J Harrington is a Canadian-American actor known for his secondary roles in popular television programs such as Supernatural, Dexter, queer as Folk, The Secret Circle and Bosch. He has also lent his voice to another video game: La Noise, the rock star detective.

Alastair Duncan-Mimir

Image Source: Aegean

The Scottish actor Alastair Duncan is no stranger to the video game roles, since he appeared in many, including the predecessor of God of War Ragnarök, Metal Gear Rising: Re vengeance, The Order: 1886, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Conception and many more. Outside the video games, he is also an unconditional television actor who has credits that range from Haggard to Madmen and Bones.

That concludes everything for our guide on the voice actors of the cast of War Ragnarök . To get more information about the game, do not hesitate to consult our complete review in depth. Alternatively, be sure to navigate the relevant links below.

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