God of Battle Ragnarök: a Seagate collection agencys 2TO disk drive, right here are the photos

Barely a week after revealing to us the existence of the hard disk drives black Panther Wakanda Forever, the manufacturer Seagate introduces the advertising of a new hard disk drive, this time around in the shades of God of War Ragnarök.

The video game of Sony Interactive Amusement being the occasion of this end of the year, difficult for Seagate not to take benefit of the enthusiasm to offer this exterior game Drive offering a serigraph taking up the image that we see on the steel book

The dual sense committed to the video game. It is undoubtedly the bear and the wolf, which are the animals which permit Rates to get power.
Along with the picture, this 2 TB hard disk has customizable RGB LED illumination, is PS4, pc as well as PS5 compatible, and is marketed at a rate of EUR 155.99.

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