Explanation of the best nature for Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada in Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

Sprigatito is one of the initial three Pokémon that you can choose from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It is a grass cat, and will eventually win the Dark type once evolves to Floodgate and Meowscarada as well. If you plan to become competitive with this thing, here is the best nature for Sprigatito, Floodgate and Meowscarada in scarlet and violet Pokémon.

What do naturalness in scarlet and violet Pokémon?

If you take a look at your Pokémon’s summary, you will see an adjective that represents its nature. For example, the summary could say that your Pokémon is Jolly or Naughty. This adjective determines the nature of your Pokémon and also increases the leveling rate of a particular statistic, while decreases the leveling rate of another.

Because of this, it is crucial to make sure to achieve the right nature for your Pokémon, since it cannot be changed later. Each Pokémon you find is assigned a random nature, so it can spend time before you find one with the nature you want.

For the initial Pokémon, you must restart your game until you get the desired nature, but do not bother to try to restart to get a brilliant. The entrants are all bright. Of course, this is only important for players who plan to participate in online competitive battles. If you just want to enjoy the game at your own pace, don’t worry about Natures.

What is the best nature for Sprigatito, Floodgate and Meowscarada?

The best natures for Sprigatito and its other two evolutions are Adamant or Jolly.

Sprigatito has a very high speed and ATK statistics; Adamant increases Speed at the expense of Special ATK, while Jolly increases ATK at the expense of Special ATK, which makes these two natures ideal for prioritizing one of Sprigatito’s natural statistics.


With Adamant, you will rely on the high natural speed of Sprigatito, which will allow you to move faster than your opponent, which can be very important in competitive battles. On the other hand, Adamant would be great for players who want their Pokémon to really hit and cause a lot of damage.

Whatever happens, you just do not load with a nature that decreases the speed leveling rate or ATK, and you should be ready to start.

That is all you need to know about the best nature for Sprigatito, Floodgate and Meowscarada in Scarlet and Violet Pokémon. Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including a summary of all hairstyles available in the game and how to catch and evolve to Mischief.

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