United States Police wants their robots to reduce criminals

Although it seems strange, today some police departments already have their own assistant robots, which are scheduled with basic tasks that contribute to the different offices. And while everything is completely limited to that, some want this technology to go a little further, involving machines with criminals.

The San Francisco Police recently sent an application to the Board of Supervisors of this same city. Here the authorization is requested that robots can kill the different aggressors, as long as there are no more options available. Something that can be considered as the last resort in case of having injured officers.


This proposal was initially rejected by the reviewer, Aaron Per skin who wrote that robots will not be used as in the use of force against any person. Then, the police rectified the draft to detail that robots would only act in special conditions. Specifically, when there was a risk of loss of lives for public members or officers.

After receiving this response, Pigskin agreed to take the request from the San Francisco Police Department, making it clear that it is only for scenarios where the lethal force is the only viable option. This was also approved by the Committee, so the relevant members will vote on November 29 to establish said law only in the department of that State.

Via: Mission Local

Editor’s note: We have already reached the point where machines can do justice, something that could evolve later. The question is: How will the robot differentiate between criminals, civilians and police? Does anyone handle them remote or have artificial intelligence?

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