World Cup 2022 England 0-0 opens four -method battle for the round of 16


England was the firstly World Cup individuals to have the cover on it and made the round of 16 clear, however had probably shot excessive powder at the dazzling start against iran (6: 2): After a disappointing performance against the triumph, there was one Lean 0-0 and a barely reassuring world cup record, because with the 22nd draw the three lions are now sole remix king at World Championships. It wasn’t our best efficiency, we just didn’t discover the key, commented England Captain Harry Kane.

Our work is not yet done.

Gregg Hereafter

This motto applies on behalf of all 4 group controllers. The United States have the round of 16 in their own hands, but likewise all other groups, due to the fact that in Group B there is a thriller in the defend progress: England (4 points) is in pole position, in the Battle of Britain If one point is enough and due to the excellent goal distinction itself, a narrow defeat versus a definitely bitterly fighting whale (1), which senses his possibility against the old rivals.

The duel in between the U.S.A. (2) and Iran (3), which would definitely reach the round of the last 16 even with a win, finishes a complex situation in which nothing is impossible, and the outcome is unpredictable.

Gregg Hereafter summed up: We made life difficult for each other. We are proud of our performance. The US coach currently looked ahead of the coming Tuesday: However our work is not yet done.

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