The best Tower of Fantasy settings – settings for graphics, sound and gameplay


Tower of Fantasy is an extensive game with a huge amount of content into which players can immerse themselves. Almost as vast as many worlds in AIDA are many in-game settings with which players can tinker to get the best game impressions. Whether it is the collection of ingredients or the destruction of world bosses, the best settings will simplify any actions that you perform in your adventures. Below are the best settings for use in Tower of Fantasy.

Table of contents


Sound settings

Camera settings

Display settings

Control settings


Style settings

Screen settings


Camera settings

The mode of operation


Message settings

Show the settings

Settings of special effects

Voice settings

Settings of scrolling text


Sound settings

  • Main volume: Personal preference
  • Background music: personal preference
  • Sound effects: Personal preference

Settings of the camera

  • Vibration of the camera: on
  • Hit freeze-frame: turned off
  • Animation of discharge skill: Disabled

We offer to disable the animation of Hit Freeze-Frame and Discharge Skill Animation, as they can affect your FPS and cause unnecessary malfunctions during the battle.

Display settings

  • Reserve hidden weapons: turned off
  • Hide SS: Turned off
  • Show tips with blue points: on
  • Information about non-bargains: turned off
  • Show fps: turned off
  • Hide the Buff strip: turned off
  • Information about the Wanderer: on
  • Chat display on the main page: Disabled
  • Mission tips: on

Display parameters allow you to control the amount of information displayed on the screen. In addition to tips with blue points, information about wanderers and tips on the execution of missions, disconnect the rest to clean the screen from disorder.

control settings

  • Auto rise: Disabled
  • Manual sprint (evasion): turned off

With the Auto Climb disconnected, you will not get stuck on the walls and protrusions, trying to quickly run away from enemies. In addition, disconnecting a manual sprint allows you to run every time you move forward, instead of evading and spending endurance in the process.


settings of style

  • Default

screen settings

  • Quality Prescription: Balanced
  • The same screen wanderer: 10
  • Full-screen display: on
  • Resolution: Auto
  • Smoothing: 2x
  • Fps: 120
  • Shading: on

The most important feature here is Same Screen Wanderer statistics. This means the number of other players who will be visible on your screen. Refusal of this can significantly improve performance. If you have a high-performance device, you can improve quality prescription for high or extreme to improve visual accuracy.


Settings of the camera

  • Sensitivity of the gyroscope up/down: 5.0
  • Sensitivity of the gyroscope left/to the right: 5.0
  • Aim to high/low sensitivity: 0.8
  • Sensitivity of the target to the left/to the right: 0.8
  • Sensitivity of the camera (vertically): 0.8
  • Sensitivity of the camera (horizontally): 1.0
  • The distance of the camera in battle: 1.5
  • Aiming gyroscope: turned off

The sensitivity is largely individual, and you may have to find the one that suits you best. However, increase the distance to the camera in battle to 1.5 to improve the overall visibility in battle.

operating mode

  • Custom
  • Blocking method: first direction
  • Automatic distance correction to the camera: on
  • Auto-correction of the camera angle: turned off
  • Manual switching goals: on
  • Combat camera: by default

First, set the locking method for the direction, which will allow you to choose the goals depending on your goal. In addition, turn on the autocorrection of the distance to the camera so that the camera automatically reduces the scale in battle.


Settings of the message

  • Accept a friend’s request: on
  • Accept the invitation to the team: on
  • Automatically accept the team from friends: turned off
  • Allow invitations: on

show settings

  • Show the health lane of a wanderer who is not a teammate: on
  • Show information about a wanderer who is not a teammate: on
  • Always show the HP strip of a teammate in the instances: on
  • Yourself: no one
  • Other wanderers: name, crew, title
  • Enemy: Name
  • The transparency of the main screen: 100%

settings of special effects

  • Visibility of the skill of wanderer: 100%
  • Visibility of the skill of a friendly wanderer: 80%
  • Visibility of the skill of an enemy wanderer: 80%
  • Disconnect the visibility of the skills of an ally of Destiny: 100%
  • To break out of the visibility of enemy skills Destiny: 100%

Settings of visibility of skills allow you to determine the appearance of enemy skills. Since observation of the abilities of your enemy is vital for evading them, we propose to increase the visibility indicator of the Enemy Wanderer skill to at least 80%to easily identify their movements.

Voice settings

  • Simulacra Voice: Personal Preference
  • Reproduce the voice of the detachment: on
  • Voice microphone of the detachment: turned off

Settings of text scrolling

  • List

This setting controls the display of damage numbers when it enters the enemy. The change in this parameter with the default to the list will display the numbers in a more organized form, which will allow you to easily register your values of damage.

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