Pokemon Go battles with problems with a new event

Some gamers noticed a mistake in star dust and the experience points.


What was that problem? The event ticket should bring some benefits from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., consisting of an increased opportunity of XL unique sweets and 6 extra raid passes. These bonuses likewise worked without any issues.

The RAID occasion for the brand-new Hoenn-megas happened in Pokémon Address the weekend. In keeping with this, there was a ticket for $5, which brought some bonuses. But there were issues with this, since some gamers report that they only got the normal star dust for raid battles.

He then contacted Ni antic, who assured him that it was just a noticeable mistake. In the meantime a day has actually passed, he rebooted the app and captured brand-new Pokémon. However, so far absolutely nothing has actually altered at the account of his star dust.

The user Brilliant_Ask852 composes, for instance, that he just got 1,000 look dust for a raid and another 300 for the catch. Nevertheless, according to the occasion description, he must really get 2,000 dust for the raid alone (through Reddit).

Ticket costs 5 euros-but does not bring what it guarantees

In addition, the user Exochorda reports that the perk of 50 % more XP would not have worked for him either. Here is the support on Twitter states that it ought to likewise be a marketing mistake. Nothing has altered hours later, the gamer says.

Brilliant_ASK852 calls for all gamers who purchased the ticket to: Please, contact Ni antic or organize a withdrawal of money. In his view-and the many other users in Reddit-this is the only method to gigantic to require action.

How do the players react? Many feel cheated and scolded about Ni antic. They invested $5, but they did not get what was guaranteed to them. The word fraud fell numerous times.

Are other players likewise affected? Yes, in the Reddit Thread other users who likewise only received the typical star dust reported. A few of them have actually also reported the mistake to Ni antic, such as the user Lachlan.

What does Ni antic state? Ni antic’s Twitter account continues to state that it is simply a visual mistake. We will keep you up to date, there need to be a new statement.

However, some gamers revealed that the bonus in the star dust and/or the experience points worked with them. So not all gamers are apparently impacted by the problem.

How did the event choose you? Are you also affected by the mistake or did you not purchase the ticket at all?

From December sixth to 11th, the next event will accompany a ticket, which hopefully will not have any problems:

Pokémon Go brings 2 brand-new Pokémon at the Strange Blade event, but one just with a ticket

The occasion ticket ought to bring some benefits from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., including an increased chance of XL special sweets and six extra raid passes. Are other gamers likewise affected? Absolutely nothing has actually altered hours later, the gamer says.

The RAID event for the new Hoenn-megas took place in Pokémon Go on the weekend. There were problems with this, due to the fact that some gamers report that they only got the normal star dust for raid battles.

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