How to get armor in the style of arch in Destiny 2

When Bungee decided to process each class in Destiny 2 versions 3.0, the developer also decided to celebrate this event with a new set of armor.
Everything went smoothly until the ARC 3.0 came out without the corresponding set of armor.
The reason was that Fortnite armor took their place and that ARC armor will appear in the 19th season.
Now, this season, Seraphic, Bungee restrained her word and released armor.
This is where to find it.


where to get an arc in Destiny 2

To the great horror of players, sets of armor in the style of the arch are locked for Every.
This means that players will have to part with some hard-earned money in order to purchase these electrical sets.
Each costs 1,500 silver, which is approximately $15.
The capture of all three will cost players $45, which can be a difficult pill.
In this case, there are two sides of the coin.
Destiny 2 is technically a free game.
This free tag has many warnings, since almost everything except the minimum is blocked for paid access.
This includes various armor, which almost always fall into Every.
That is how Bungee supports the movement of the Destiny 2. On the other hand, players can vote with their wallets.
Not a fan of this model?
Do not buy anything or, at least, be selective in your purchases.

It is impossible to please everyone, but at least there are many options for your fashionable game.
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