8 most important tips for beginners in Warzone 2 DMZ

DMZ is a Call of Duty’s items of the evacuation shooter formula, presented as a game mode in War zone 2.0.
It works differently than familiar players in the format of Battle Royale, and brings a new change in the pace, being intense throughout the entire time.
The game mode presents many unique systems and gaming mechanics who can confuse both beginners and War zone veterans.
This leadership will tell you several key advice and techniques that will help you get more prey and successful exiles in Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ.

1-Best POI for Early Luna

If you are for the first time in the demilitarized zone, your main goal should be to collect prey in order to arrange.
Although in most locations and buildings there is a chance to get prey, it is known that some POI often offer more valuable items.
Below are the best POI for the first production in War zone 2 DMZ:
The cache with ammunition-a cache with ammunition can be found on a map indicated by the logo in the form of three bullets.
In these areas there are often many hiding places with weapons in which there may be a good weapon that will help you arm yourself.
In these areas you can also find another important prey, such as body armor with 3 plates and gas masks.
Safe-safes are indicated on the map with a logo resembling a storage door.
In these areas there are usually several hiding places with weapons.
But the real payment here is a safe that can be hacked to get a valuable amount of money at a time.

  • Sames SAMAR must be captured from enemies.
    Therefore, you will need a decent amount of production before going to these goals.
    However, after capture, these objects can bring down aircraft that carry the supply cargoes, which you can then plunder to get a series of murders, weapons and money.

2-insured slots and smuggling weapons

Equipment in the demilitarized zone works differently than in War zone 2. Before you go to the match, you can choose between insured weapons and smuggled weapons.
This is how they differ from each other:
Insured weapons-insured weapons-this is a weapon that you can use in your slot for the insured weapon.
You can configure investments for this weapon.
If you die in a match in a demilitarized zone with insured weapons, it will not be removed from your inventory, but only switch to the recovery period.
You can reduce the recovery period by making successful extraction or investing money in garbage cache.
Weapons smuggling-you select this weapon in a demilitarized zone and successfully extract.
They can be equipped at the beginning of the subsequent deployment of DMZ.
However, if you die in a demilitarized zone, smuggling will be lost from your inventory.
You cannot configure smuggled weapons in an arms workshop.

3-Complete the fractions missions

There are three fractions in DMZ: the legion, white lotus and black mouse.
Each of these fractions set the player the task and mission that he must fulfill while in the demilitarized zone.
The execution of missions will reward XP players, money and unique weapons drawings exclusive for the DMZ gaming mode.
The execution of missions will also open additional levels of missions for each fraction, and also unlock additional slots for the insured weapon.

4-Use shopping stations

Buying stations can be found on a map indicated by a logo resembling a shopping trolley.
You can use these devices to buy important production and items such as vests with 3 plates, armored plastics, large backpacks, settings for self-healing and keys to the fortress.

5-Use vehicles

In the demilitarized zone on every corner there are a lot of enemies, both AI and other players.
We recommend that you purchase a vehicle for crossing areas with relative safety.
This will not only make the trip much faster, but also guarantees that you will achieve the desired destination intact and safe.
You can even mow some unsuspecting enemies with your trip to get additional experience if you want.


The error of underestimating the enemy AI in the demilitarized War zone 2 zone is something that most players get acquainted quite quickly.
Therefore, it is always better to go to the demilitarized zone with a detachment.
This will greatly simplify the fulfillment of contracts and the achievement of goals.
In addition, if you were thrown, there is always a chance that your teammate will revive you, thereby giving you another chance for successful extraction.


If you find yourself on the battlefield alone, you can also use the assimilation function to join the nearest enemy detachments and unite.

7-raids on the stronghold and fortresses of the enemy

Enemy fortresses, fortresses and elite fortresses are fortified enemy bases on which players can raid to get valuable prey.
However, be careful, since these POI are full of heavily armored enemy units.
In addition, you will also need to get the keys to the fortresses that fall out of fallen enemies and cargo with supplies.
It is strongly recommended to conduct these raids with a detachment.

8-Exfoil successfully

The main goal of DMZ is to successfully extract, also known as Email in the game.
It is also one of the best ways to unlock weapons and devices that you do not have in the multiplayer game War zone 2 or Modern Warfare 2. Weighing the risk and remuneration factor is the key to optimizing success in this game mode.
You can choose an early extraction with fewer production or extracting later with more valuable prey by increasing enemy pressure.
But always keep in mind that death will mean the loss of all your prey, including any smuggling weapon that you could equip.
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