Action Squares Upcoming Mobile Game Transcends Into The Three Kingdoms Era

Action Square (205500 CEO Kim Yeo-jin) announced on the 13th that the mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ has been updated by the emperor element.

The emperor element, also called Yo-jong, has an excellent strategy and power, and is an abduction longevity that appeared as a reign that was reigned with the hegemony of Chan ha after being aware of the cognitive cognition.

When transcending the emperor, he will acquire a national transcendental skill, and when he is using the transcendental skills, he summons the yellow dragon from the emperor’s prisoner to attack the enemies.
summoned yellow dragons cause magic damage to the enemies, giving enemies a reduction in real name, stop and magic defense.

In this transcendence, the effect of the emperor and the Dragon Team will be added to the emperor element, and the effect of evasion is increased by 10% when used with Huge Liang, and the effect of an increase of 30% of the life power is applied.
In addition, when using it with Wool, the effect of dragon and strong teams will be applied to reduce skill cooldown by 10% and increase the life power by 30%.
In addition, other longevity, such as the military king Donetsk and the veterans, can be played using 10 types of team effects.

The emperor transcendental update will open the battlefield of the emperor’s transcendence event, and in the event battlefield, the user uses the longevity of the existing longevity to kill the transcendental emperor element, and depending on the difficulty level, 11 battlefield muzzle materials and artisans.
You can earn rewards.
In addition, through the achievement event of the emperor’s transcendental update commemorative mission event, you can earn a variety of rewards for growing longevity such as jade, Yongan-seok, and Hansen.

In addition, a variety of events such as emperor transcendental update commemorative mission events, emperor elemental business drawing events, veterans’ potential probability-drawing events, hot time events, cumulative purchasing events, and Shin I MYO Mountain Event will be held.
Meanwhile, a new event will be held for the upcoming Christmas as the platinum field Nodal event, where all gold mine changes to platinum light, ends.
Collect Christmas Event items dropped on the stage and exchange signs for Christmas at the item exchange, allowing you to obtain a variety of Christmas memorial gifts and lucky boxes at the sign.


‘For more information about the Three Kingdoms Blade’s update, you can check the official café.

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