Christopher Nolan Recreates A Nuclear Bomb Without CGI In Oppenheimer: New Images

Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster, a film planned for summer of 2023 that is currently in the postproduction phe and that will tell us the story of Robert Oppenheimer
of the Manhattan Project.
Now, and thanks to an interview with the filmmaker with the total film, we know how Nolan managed
Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon or Gary Oldman.

A truly atomic filming

Thus, and with the aim of recreating the first nuclear detonation of history part of the history of its new film, Nolan wanted to resort to the practical and logistics effects that such a scene requires without any CGI.
This is what the filmmaker himself tells: I think that recreating the Trinity test without use of CGI w a great challenge to face.
Andrew Jackson, my visual effects’ supervisor joined the team from the beginning;
He w investigating how we could do many of the visual elements practically, from representing quantum and physical dynamics to the Trinity test itself, going to recreate the poplars on a New Mexico plateau with an extraordinary climate we needed for the film.
There were huge practical challenges, explains Nolan.
It is a story of immense reach and scale.
And one of the most challenging projects that I have undertaken in terms of its scale and in terms of finding the breadth of Oppenheimer’s history.
There were great logistics challenges, great practical challenges.
But he had an extraordinary team and really step forward.
It will spend time before we finish.


But certainly, while I observe the results and while the movie Arms, I am delighted with what my team h been able to do and achieve, continues the director.
Of course, the nuclear explosion recreated by Nolan and his team will be a show worth seeing on the largest possible film screen.
Although for this we will still have to wait a little, specifically on July 21, 2023. We leave you with the different new images of Oppenheimer.

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