The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Problems On PC

Although the new generation update of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has ought a series of graphic and performance improvements that greatly improved CD Project Red RPG on new generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Beaus Series S),
The same cannot be said about the PC update, which according to several users on social networks has worsened the performance of the game in a drastic way compared to the pre-date version.
Among the main complaints in the game’s official Reddit forums and summons such as Twitter, the game had a sudden drop in performance, with a huge worsening in the frame rate per second, Crashes (game crashing and closing alone) and bugs.
In some cases, the problems are so serious that the change in ray tracing settings during a gameplay not only causes the game closure, but corrupts the PC.
One player went to Twitter and posted a video showing the problem, classifying the update to computers as a disaster.


On Reddit, a user also complained about the serious performance problems of the PC: The game is a mess. The DX12 version (you know, the one with the real graphics updates) is a non-optimized shit. Even with everything on low,
With DLSS Ultra Performance activated, it still works worse than the original game at most and with some increased settings beyond the ultra, in native resolution. This is a total madness, said Soulshot96.
On social networks, CD Project Red said it was aware of the problems presented in the PC version and said it was working on an as soon as possible solution.
We are aware of the problems that PC players have faced since the release of the update last night. We are actively investigating all reports and will provide an update on specific problems as soon as possible, says the Polish studio.

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