What Tomura Shigarakis Goal Is In My Hero Academia Explained

Tour Ibaraki has been the protected of the last villain, All for One, since the story of My Hero Academia began.
The two have been working together to interrupt DEU’s life and his classmates, seeking to steal One for All and master the world.
However, things have taken an interesting turn in My Hero Academia, which shows that these antagonists are willing to do whatever necessary to achieve their goals.
Here is everything you need to know about whether there is for Ibaraki in My Hero Academia.

Does there take care of Ibaraki in My Hero Academia?

It has been revealed in My Hero Academia that All For One foresaw his defeat against All Might and doubled his peculiarity in advance, which resulted in the existence of two all forms.
His goal was to preserve the original All For One Quirk and transfer it to his apprentice, Tour Ibaraki, with the help of his ally, Hyundai Garage.
After this operation, Ibaraki gets access not only to All For One, but also to all the Quirk One for All that had previously possessed.
However, Ibaraki does not have the power to use all additional powers within all for One with full control, or steal one for all, since the operation was only completed by 75%.
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In chapter 310 of the manga, Ibaraki is fighting with Star and Stripe using All for One. As the fight becomes more heated, Ibaraki and All For One begin to merge into one being, further increasing their power.
All for One mentions that this procedure would generally take two months to complete.
However, Ibaraki had such a burning hatred that he accelerated the process, leaving them at 98% completion.
All for One also states that they will no longer be there or Tour Ibaraki, but a new being that emerged from the inside.
In addition, three new fusion quirks have been revealed All for One/Ibaraki.
This chirks are known as Heavy Payload, Reflect and Scatter.
That is all you need to know about whether they are responsible for Ibaraki in My Hero Academia.
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