The 3 Different Ways To Heal And Revive Characters In Gensin Impact

Gen sin Impact is one of the most popular browser-based MMORPG games. It has great graphics, a lot of content to explore, and more than a thousand hours worth of gameplay. On top of that, it doesn’t require any download or installation for gamers to play.

If one of your employee is injured or killed in Gen sin Effect, you have various alternatives on how you can recover and revive it.
Here you will find a summary of how you do it.
Are you in a violent boss fight and your troop is heavily struck?
Or would you like to revive your defeated characters after a discussion?
There are various methods of how you can fill your figures of your life:
Arc hon statues
Therapist characters
Here you can see the trailer for variation 3.3 in Gen sin Effect:

Teleported to an Arc hon statue

The most convenient way to revive characters in Gen sin after a fight is to go to an Arc hon statue or just to teleport you there.
You can use True blessing of the Statue to issue the function of one or whether your characters need to be healed instantly as quickly as you are near such a statue.
In addition, it can likewise be adjusted to how much percent your characters are healed.
Based on the upper display screen, you can also see how much true blessing is left.
In time, the true blessing instantly fills.

provide your group certain meals

You can bring back the life points of your group during or after battling through specific meals.
The feature can likewise be used to revive fallen figures.

Note: Throughout the fight, the figures can only consume a certain amount of food before they are complete.
You can’t heal them constantly with Essen.
When it comes to re-exercise dishes, there is likewise a particular period of time that pursues use before you can utilize such a food again.
Based upon the green symbol with the two wings, you can see the meals that revive the characters.
The meals with green plus bring back life points with stricken characters.

utilizes a therapist character in the group

You have the option during the fight to utilize the abilities of specific characters that can heal your team members.
These figures include:
Kiki Shikoku
Sangonomiya Kokomo
It is best to take a look at the figure manual.
Based upon the descriptions of the talents, you can see which recovery skills the respective figures have.
When do I use which recovery?
Prior to or after battle situations, it is advisable to simply teleport it quickly to an Arc hon statue and make the most of the true blessing.


With the readily available recovery quota, you generally get really well in one day and save yourself resources.
Meals and recovery characters are your pals if you are in the middle of the battle and are currently on the right track to do the challenger.
Always equip yourself sufficient with appropriate meals prior to you fall into large battles.
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