Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Release Date, Mobile Phones That Will Run And Gameplay

Call of Duty: War zone Mobile had been announced a few months ago and had its gameplay revelation at Call of Duty Next, as did War zone 2.0.
It is normal that after Modern Warfare 2 and Battle Royale were released, fans ask themselves about the game for mobile devices.
What will be the minimum requirements?
How will it work?
Will you connect with War zone Caldera or another game?
We at MGG azil made a complete guide.
Check below:

Release date of

Is it common for players to ask themselves When to launch War zone Mobile?
And, well, the answer is that it is scheduled for 2023. There is no official date or a release window.

As the game has already been released in early access to some players, it is likely not to take much time for an official release.
Especially with the high number of pre-registered.


War zone Mobile’s pre-registration has been available since Call of Duty Next.
Only Android or iOS users can take the opportunity.
Each time the number of pre-registered players comes to a number, the developer will deliver gifts to those who participated in the event when the game is released.
Currently, the number has passed 25 million and needs to reach the 35 million mark for the maximum reward.
Android-SE register on the Play Store
IOS is registered with the app store
The game is free
Many players who have accessed the game in advance make it clear that it is heavy and that latest generation mobile devices are best suited for an immersive and fluid experience.

cell phones that will run War zone Mobile

Of course the list of mobile phones that run War zone Mobile would be very long, so let’s pay attention to the minimum requirements.
If your device does not meet the specifications you need not lose hope, as the developer made it clear that she intends to make the game even more accessible.
Apple -iPhone 8 plus or better
Android -Advent 618 or better
Memory -3gb RAM or more
There is no information on tablets and iPads yet

shared battle pass

The Call of Duty Battle Pass: War zone Mobile will be shared with War zone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2. Several progressions and content will be available in the three titles, but obviously this does not necessarily mean everything will be adapted.
Even because the difference between a mobile device and a console is quite evident.


War zone Mobile promises to ing Call of Duty’s full experience to mobile devices.
In addition, at Call of Duty Next, they have been stated that they will ing nostalgic elements of other franchise games.
The game is a Battle Royale and does not escape much of the proposal of War zone Caldera and War zone 2.0, except because your platform is different.
Especially because it has shared content, which indicates that the games will not be so far away from each other with regard to the goal.
Despite limitations, you can see that gameplay is intense and that Battle Royale’s experience has been well adapted to mobile devices to be as immersive as possible.
It is very likely that less modern cell phones do not run the game with full fluidity, as it is heavy.
Despite the minimum specifications (which you have already checked above) the state-of-the-art or approximate devices are recommended for proper experience.


So far there are two confirmed maps for War zone Mobile: TV Station and Scrapyard.


If the game gets the 35 million pre-registered mark, a third map will be unlocked, Shoot House, which is quite popular in Modern Warfare 2.

War zone Mobile with APK and VPN

The game is available in limited access in Australia, and has been made available to many streamers and pro players.
Some players who are Android users can circumvent this restriction when using APK, but this is not recommended.
With APK, you can simulate being from a different region.
With this it would be possible to make the game understand that you are from Australia and you could have access to the game.
A VPN guarantees you a new ID of a country of your choice (it depends on the program, as some don’t let you choose).
Of course, your experience would not be fluid, as the servers are very distant.
The use of APK is not exactly correct and is not recommended either.
VPN is a great way to ensure your safety on the internet, but when it comes to games, performance drops a lot.
Given all this, there is no way to ensure that any progress made in the game will be kept if you change your region account.
Your account may also be subject to some punishment.

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