Denmark Wins Third Handball World Cup In A Row, Sets Incredible Record

The Super Sunday in Stockholm had actually already used gripping video games prior to the highlight in the evening: the German 28:24 triumph over Norway, the 36:35 of the Egyptians against Hungary and the furious comeback of the Spaniards versus Sweden (39:36).
In the game for bronze.
The last between the record world champion and the defending champion needs to set new standards again in terms of quality and speed.
Denmark got the much better start, which took the lead 4: 1 early.
World Cup Denitrify Tarter Simon Patrick alone achieved 3 of these Tore attempts.
France had to get warm with this last, struck the mark for the very first time after nearly 5 minutes.
This was likewise due to world handball gamers Niklas Landing, who was brilliant in the objective.
Since on the other hand, Vincent Gerard, among the match winners in the semi-finals, did not get a hand on the ball, Guillaume Grille took his first break after 7 minutes.
Afterwards Les Experts finally pushed the accelerator pedal and shortened over massive pace game to 5: 8.
In this stage, nevertheless, it was fox-left-handed Mathias Diesel who tore the video game increasingly more (12: 7, 16.).
Grille needed to change something and brought Remi Bonnet in between the posts in Germany, which, nevertheless, just found much better than Gerard.

Jacobsen shows golden hand.

France, however, became more powerful in the defense, gained from over-hasty Patrick offers and was led by game designer Bedim Remix at the break just a single hit behind (15:16).

After the modification of sides, Denmark handled to prevent the river of the French.
The pale Mikkel Hansen changed Rasmus Liege, struck at the start of the tournament, directed Stark and the Danes to a new three-goal lead (21:18, 38.).
Les Specialists did not let them tear down, had gotten in touch with in the final quarter of an hour (24:25).
The goalkeeper change from Landing to Kevin Miller (yet) changed absolutely nothing.
For the last couple of minutes, Denmark Coach Nikolai Jacobsen brought Jacobsen in the back area of Flensburg’s Mads Mensa Larsen, who caused relief with a brilliant double strike from the back.
The X-factor was the chauffeur Liege, which was no longer caught by France.
At 31:27, the previous Bundesliga specialist (2013 to 2015 in Kiel, 2015 to 2019 in Flensburg) scored his ninth objective in the tenth effort to break only two.
A little later Liege likewise marked his tenth gate and therefore increased to an elite circle: the 31-year-old was only the sixth specialist who scored a minimum of 10 objectives in a World Cup last.

Danes now 28 World Cup video games in a row unbeaten.

Miller stole 2 or 3 totally free throws, through which the safeguarding champ might no longer be stopped.
34:29 was the last score.
Denmark is the very first handball nation that won three World Cup titles in a row.
At France, the awaiting the seventh title (last 2017) continues.
It is fantastic to have managed to do what nobody has done before us, stated Jacobsen after the 28th unbeaten World Cup game in a row: I’m super pleased with my boys..

France-Denmark 29:34 (15:16).

France: Bonnet, Gerard-Remili 6, Me 5, Richardson 4/4, Areas 3, Randi 3, Tourney 3, Y. Lenny 2, Laggard 1, Mahé 1/1, Nazi 1, Greville, L. Dramatic, N.
Dramatic, Port.
Denmark: N. Landing, K. Möller-Lauge 10, Patrick 9, Fidel 6, Kirkelökke 2, Larsen 2, Saugstrup 2, Had 1, M. Hansen 1/1, E. M. Jacobsen 1, A Plot Hansen, Hold, Jorgensen,.
M. Landing, Pollard.
Referee: Giorgi Wachowski (North Macedonia)/ Servant Nikolai (North Macedonia).
Spectators: 23.050.


Crook minutes: 6/8.
Disqualification: -/-.

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